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Workout Suggestion For Vacations



I'm going on vacations for 2 weeks in the US. I would like to still train few times during this period just to keep me in good shape. (There's a gym nearby)

I don't know how many times I will be able to workout during this period so I will need a TBT program for each session but intense enough to require rest days.

I was thinking about something like Cluster training or extended 5's. But I am not sure on how to include these techniques in a full body template.

Any suggestions for a workout?

Thanks for help.


Lots of pelvic thrusts
Corona Curls
reclining chair back extentions


You forgot thumb presses.


squat for 2min
deadlift for 2min
incline bench press for 2min
pushups for 2min
standing shoulder press 2min
pull downs for 2 min
rows for 2 min
do a set of ABS between every set.

This will get you in and out of the gym and you will not want to workout for the rest of the time on vacation.

Have fun....


Check out this old Ian King article:



Good suggestion. I'll have to try that. thanks man.


Just enjoy the time off and away. Your body will thank you for it.


BigE05 has a solid list of good exercises. if your going to do this routine of his I probably would avoid Abs between sets. Personally I wouldnt want to do 2mins of squats and then abs followed by 2 mins of deadlifts. while core muscles seem to get over-emphasised in most programs I would not tire out my abs before deadlifts (your going to need them).

Substitute Wide grip pullups for nancy pulldowns (if your strong enough) and i'll agree that you probably wont want to do much after this workout. This is not a typical hypertrophy workout but....at least its not what you always do.

For a more convential training program just choose similair exercises and run a circuit style workout with 12repetition maximums. run the circuit 3 times with no rest bw sets and your there.


Not a bad idea if you have been pushing your training hard for a while. no-one likes a lay off but it might be what your body needs



I really appreciate all your suggestions and advices. I know 1 week off once in a while could be beneficial to any trainee. But I just feel 2 weeks layoff would be too much though. My food intake will also increase so I would like to be very active for "damage control" purpose. Thats why I plan to train during 1 week and take advantage of the last week as recovery and layoff.


If you have time just train twice as hard and take the 2 weeks off. It will be hard to take that time off but if your workouts are hard enough you will not get weaker.

The biggest lost from a 2 week lay off is endurance both cardio and muscular, however, strength can increase a TON after a 2 week layoff. Body will also get ripped and more musclular despite the added calories. ( This is all provided you had a few weeks of heavy sessions).

If your just a gym rat fine, but if your serious about your gains and performance look up over and supra compensation articles and plan it around your 2 week layoff.


That was a very interesting advice. Thanks man. So you mean 2 weeks off is not the end of the world? I usually train 4 days a week and when I come back to the gym after a week-end off or 3-4 days. I feel like I have stopped training for few weeks. No doubt there's a mental thing around it too.

BTW, I am a fairly experienced lifter (6 serious years of training) So, I always feel I have to push myself harder and harder to gain more and at least maintain my shape.

Thats why 2 weeks off will look very long for me.

So I will add sets and weight to my current program and try to reach failure on few sets during the last week. This way I will need at least some time off to recover...


Trust me I understand the need to workout constantly. The only time I've been able to take 2 weeks off is when Forced, however, the times i've done it and planned it it was excellent for the body, mind and max lifts.

Like I said the only thing that I noticed slip was maximum muscular and cardio endurance. This usually comes back quicker than any other performance entity anyway.

Your first day back after two weeks try warming up more. I've also noticed that times I thought I got weaker, I really just needed to clean the cob webs off my muscles.

Do workout harder until then, but be careful you don't want to be sick while your on vacation. Up the vitamin C or something.

have a great vacation