Workout sucks???

The way I understand the experts is that I should do one set for the major body parts HEAVY (64 or 55) once a week then perhaps throw a couple sets of 12 of other exercises for that body part for hypertrophy and fat loss.

Then, the next time I hit that body part switch HEAVY exercises and last week’s heavy set is this weeks hypertrophy?

I think I understand from the group that I have gone from doing heavy benches and circuit rest of the body workouts to doing too much heavy sets for each body part. Is two exercises per body part on this 6 sets of 4, etc. routine too much or just right??? I do chest and shoulders on Tuesday (4 exercises) and Back, Bicep, and Tricep on Friday (6 exercises). If I am beyond help, please shoot me and tell Mom I done my best!

J.T.: Tell The Lion to

So do you want it in the head or the gut ;). That was pretty hard to follow but I think you are on to something and probably have a good understanding. Id say you should do each body part once per week (maybe twice for one or two priority parts) and do either 2-3x8-15 reps 2-4 exercises. If you want to do a strength protocol for a bodypart, Id do if for only one exercise (eg 5x5 flat bench) and then maybe 1-2 other exercises for that bodypat MAXIMUM and hypertrophy only (eg incline bench and flyes 2-3x8-12). I would not do 2 strength protocols for a bodypart in any one workout. As far as split goes, again it seems fine but I find 3-4 workouts are better for better focus on each bodypart, better general physical preparedness, recovery, muscle gains and fat minimisation. Id suggest splitting your days out into 4 and try to get a focussed squat and deadlift session on separate days each week. Otherwise, keep doing your best and you wont fail :slight_smile:

J.T.: Tell The Lion to buzz off if I’ve missed it completely, but the tone of your thread SEEMS to say “frustration and confusion”. Am I wrong? Well, if I am, I apologize. If I’m right, I would refer you to two EXCELLENT “Behind The Scenes” that were written by Tim Patterson as a way to weed through the confusion: 1) “I’m Fed Up and Confused About Training” (BTS-Issue 158) and 2)“I Really Need Your Help” (BTS-Issue 159). Again, if I mis-read confusion, I apologize. If not, these two threads will get you right on track!