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Workout Splits on Gear

Getting ready to gear up again in about a month or two. I have recently went to a full body type workout 3 days a week. I have always been a 4 day split guy isolating body groups on each day as is the standard these days. But basically I have been super busy lately and found myself needing to get my training days down to 3 days or risk not hitting everything once a week, and was looking to try something different. Here is my current routine, my questions are how does this plan look and do you think it will work better or worse than a standard split while on gear. Full body workouts used to be the norm but then when gear came around the split was born so I am a little leery. I made this myself and tweaked it off of the madcow program.

Bench press 4-5 sets
squat 4-5 sets
barbell row 4-5 sets
wide grip pullups 4-5 sets
calves 4-5 sets (15-20 reps)
Abs 3 sets core 3 sets side


Overhead press 4-5 sets
Dead lift 4-5 sets
shrugs 3-4 sets
rear dealt 3 sets
farmers walk 3 walks


Bench press 4-5 sets
squat 4-5 sets
barbell row 4-5 sets
weighted chins 3 sets
weighted dips 3 sets
dumbbell overhead tricep extensions 3 sets

Well there it is. I am worried I wont be making the most of my gear with this, but I do like the routine and am excited to try it. The cycle will be test e and dbol while cutting down towards the end. Would like to maintain or even increase strength while still getting some hypertrophy and looking good once cut is complete. Any thoughts on if this is a decent routine to follow and any modification recommendations? My rep ranges usually taper down and the last back up. For example 10,6,4,2,15 at least for the major compound lifts. The last set I try and keep the muscles contracted without getting rest. For example on bench press i will take most of the weight off besides 135 and rip out as many as i can without going all the way up to really burn the muscle. I feel like I get a good mix of strength and hypertrophy doing my rep range this way but maybe it isn’t suited the best for this plan?

well, your current split is better suited for “clean” training, like you already noted. AAS will make your gains better, but i don’t think you HAVE to add volume if you’re enjoying how your training now and making good gains. if you don’t have the time anyway, then it’s kind of a moot point…