Workout Split

i was wondering if any of you see something wrong with this split, i do each of these every five days,

  1. chest and bi’s
  2. legs and shoulders
  3. off
  4. back and tri’s
  5. off
    then all over again, i do a set of a muscle(chest) rest 2 minutes and go to the other muscle(bi’s)rest 2 minutes and so fourth
    the reason i did it like this is so each day im training only one large muscle group along with a small muscle group, instead of two large muscle groups like if i did chest and back together, making it chest and bi’s would make it less likely to fatigue me when i do legs the very next day.

That has been my split for the last 3 months. I do not jump back and forth though. I do chest and then biceps etc. I know some people do chest and back together but I cannot imagine having the energy to train 2 large body parts in 1 workout.

Do you both not consider the hamstrings and the quads major muscle groups? Training these two muscle groups in a single workout is certainly more taxing than training chest and back together. The squat and the deadlift are probably the two most demanding exercises out there.

Good point Joel about hamstrings. I guess from my point of view, the hamstrings are part of my leg day which is when I do squats. I do deadlifts usually on my back day to start the workout.

base your training on compound motions like the squat, deadlift, bench, row, overhead press. Split legs into squat days and deadlift days. Now with chest you can do triceps and or delts. With deadlift you can do back and or shoulders, with squat i do calves. Then i might do a specific arm worjout hitting bis tris. It all depends on how i feel and i like to switch things up to keep things interesting. It just seems that since i’m hitting triceps and deltoids while doing chest then i’ll keep hitting them for the rest of the workout. Deadlift will hit all your back and your shoulders so i do some of that stuff to supplement. Anyways, no program is perfect and each person is different. It’s good to switch up routines, It’s just that i’m never doing legs in one day again because that’s like saying i’m doing half my body in one workout and then doing the other half in 2 or 3 or 4. laters pk