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Workout Split for Next Competition, Any Suggestions?


So my next comp announced events, no details on weights or anything like that. Here’s the events.

Frame carry
Circus db for reps
Keg toss
Car dl
Stone over bar.

3 day split idea:

Twice a week
Circus db
Farmer walk
GHR or reverse hyper
Kbell swings
Pull ups
Cable row

Once a week.
Incline press
Face pulls
Pull ups
Goblet squat

Pretty different from my current program of upper/ lower that has been very squat and log focused. Planning on cutting out some stuff from first workout.

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Any specific reason you’re including log twice a week when you have CDB at the comp??


I’m very comfortable with log right now so I think it would be good as a general strength builder. It’s at the bottom of the list because it’s the first thing I’ll consider cutting out

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Personally I’d use something such as Strict Press or Incline bench as a general strength builder instead of log simply because the log is big and awkward and can take up a lot of energy throughout a prep that could be better put towards your CDB training.


I would consider Bent Press, personally. Mostly as assistance though.


Question rather than criticism.
The only moving event you are training is the farmers walk. But won’t that be limited by grip after deadlifts?
And then you’re not really working as hard as you could on the moving event?
I might be WAY off the mark. I’m just curious of the logic.


Good point but I think you give my deadlift too much credit so grip wasn’t really an issue when I tried it yesterday.

Couple tweaks I’m thinking about on my implement days:

Rotate order of log and circus dbell so every week I get 1 light and 1 heavy session with each then cut out log closer to comp (6-8 or so weeks out)

Switch 1 deadlift day to lighter rdl day and work on a proper hip hinge, back wasn’t happy after the last workout.

Sandbag carry once a week instead of farmers twice a week until I get closer to the comp.

I’ll also have to look into bent presses. Because deadlifts are just in a funk I think I’ll have more energy than I originally planned for those days.

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If you haven’t already, train using the Car deadlift simulator Kalle Beck demonstrates here

I personally prefer having the weight behind me, rather than in front of me, but that means you’ll need to rig up some handles using plumbing pipes. You can see me use them here

I like chasing the squat workout with the car deadlift personally. It’s a great supplemental exercise.

Do you have any stones to train with, or anything to throw?

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I don’t know if you have experience with the Car Deadlift, so I am going to throw this out there. The biggest mistake guys make on that event is trying to deadlift. It’s not really a deadlift in spite of the name. Front Squats probably have more carryover to this event than deadlifting. It’s just jumping forward and then pushing the hips through. I’ve seen some crap deadlifters (Phil Pfister comes to mind) do well on this event. It’s a technique event, not a brute force one.

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So it hasn’t been announced yet but last year the car deadlift was set up with a bar in front rather than side handles. 7 out of 9 in my class, including me, zeroed. Same was true with most other classes. I don’t want to throw in the towel but depending on weight and how the frame is set up, I may be better off focusing on something else. But I am a “crap deadlifter” so if I can figure out how to squat it up I may be in luck

There are stones I can use, just saving those for later when the back feels better. Any suggestions on protective equipment for stones? I have a scar on my bicep from shouldering a year ago, not the smoothest stones in the world and that’s one of the reasons I stopped training them.

Now that I think about it, stones could fit well on deadlift technique work days. I have until August 3rd so I’ll keep making tweaks based on feedback and how I feel along the way


If its a straight bar in front, you could use the Smith machine to simulate the lift. Try jumping forward and then just pushing the hips through. It will feel really weird the first couple of times.Really get the shoulders out there, and set up with your feet a little behind where you would setup for a deadlift.

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I’d go like this:

Box Jumps
Keg Toss
Farmers / frame

Medball throw off chest
Circus DB
Some form of benching / Behind the Neck Press

Some forn of deadlift / Car dl
SSB Squats
Stone or sandbags
Grip work