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Workout Split Advice

Ok so I’ve been meddling around with splits and have found something I kinda like overall but it’s a bit rough around the edges.

Essentially, 1 upper body pull, 1 upper body press, 1 lower body pull, 1 lower body press. Per workout.
I lift 3 days a week. I sprint one day a week. If I’m not lacking on time, I’ll add a farmers carry onto one day a week, and abs onto another. If I don’t, there out. I’m a law student…it happens.

So so far it’s something like
Sunday Sprint Day.

Powerclean (hang for now cuz I’m still learning how to do it properly)
Chin up.
Farmers walk

Either military press or handstand press

Squat jump ( with weight)
Power clean
Chin ups
Abs. I haven’t actually done abs in a very long time cause they get a lot of work already from chin ups, dips and sprinting (ive been told that they look spray on. theyre real and feel fantastic!) Anyway, I feel like they should be there…though I’m fine with cutting it.’

Here is the other thing. I would like to be able to do a planch push-up and front lever. I’ve been working that stuff in sporadically. More of long term goals. I have sprinting organized first because I like to be the most well rested. Typically I’ll do a sprint workout with a friend, and well, we get a little competitive.'my Friday workout is organized for explosiveness and because its easier on the legd to recover from for Sunday. I put Sunday first, cuz Sunday is when I’m freshest.

Anyway, my goals are power, explosiveness, and planche/ front lever. Alex Sommers has suggested throwing in levers and planches at the end of workouts. I think I can do that on days where I only do 4 exercises. Thing is, I go to a college gymn, and everyone there is a douche, so I kind of want to get in and get out.

If your wondering about sets and reps. Well I’m still figuring it out! Right now it is 2 ramp sets and 2 - 3 work sets per lift. 3 work sets on cleans, benches, squats and deadlifts. Work set is about 5 reps. Less for cleans and deadlifts.