Workout Songs

I did a search and didn’t find anything recent.

I used to work out to pop music such as Commander by Kelly Rowland (feat. David Guetta), and Where Dem Girls At by David Guetta. Ghey I know.

The other day I trained at 11:30 PM and it was basically just me and the guy at the front desk. So he abandoned his duties to train with me, and put his tracks on at the entire gym. Ministry, Pantera, WARRANT, etc. It was pretty cool.

What songs do you guys work out to?

Just a couple that I ran across with the search function…

Todays soundtrack (sorry no links) :

Led Zeppelin . When the levee breaks
Queen. Now i’m here (live version)
Muse. Uprising.
Bachman turner overdrive. Taking care of business
Cranberries. Zombie
Prokofiev. Dance of the knights.
Steve Earle. Copperhead road.
Led Zeppelin. Kashmir.
Queen We are then champions.
Star wars . Imperial march.
Queensryche. Eyes of a stranger.

Imperial Death March. Never thought of that. Impressed.

Repost, but I love this song, hear it on the radio everyday.

Guaranteed deadlift PR.