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Workout Shoes



Did a quick search for shoes but found no relevant threads. I was wondering what some good shoes are. I plan to jump rope/deadlift/squat, so on, maybe run with them. Thanks in advance!


Well... a shoe well suited to squating and deadlifting would not be a shoe well suited to jumping rope and running. For squating and deadlifting you'd want a shoe with little to no cushion such as the Converse Chuck Taylor or the Adidas Ironworks (which, BTW is better suited to squating than deadlifting). For running and jump rope, on the other hand, you'd probably want a shoe with more cushion like a track shoe or something.

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who squat and deadlift in track shoes, but I'm not one of them and so I don't suggest you squat or deadlift in a squishy, unstable running shoe. And if you value your knees, then don't run in a shoe with no cushion.

Just my two cents.


Make it four cents!


This is going to be tough but not impossible to find a shoe to do all these activities in -

You're going to need various pairs (or not) to do the exercises you have described; some suggestions are (at least in my gym shoe rotation)

Nike Air Edge Trainer (for general light lifting, has some Zoom Air cushioning)

Nike Free 5.0, (best model iteration, hands down)

Nike Free 7.0 (too narrow of a toebox, in my experience)

Nike Dynamic TR (cross trainer, no Air units, same as the Frees listed above)

Vibram Five Finger KSOs or Sprint models (use these for DLs, power cleans, explosive lifts where I can really move my toes)

**I don't think you did a thorough enough search since I remember threads asking about/discussing the shoes I mentioned above for the past few months or so...

Otomix, Adidas, & other companies make some really good lifting shoes but I have yet to see a lifter in the gym with dedicated lifter footwear.

Oh yeah, everyone is going to tell you if you powerlift to DL in Chuck Taylors so there you go too - Converse Chuck Taylors, the canvas ones, NOT the fancy leather ones.

Good luck choosing.


I would look at either indoor soccer shoes(Sambas)or Nike Frees. Heavily cushioned running shoes (shox, max air, etc) are a bad idea. I have a pair of chucks and fucking hate them. I do not understand the fascination with them.


I use my chucks for just about everything but running. I find that they are suitable for jump rope as all the "cushion" in your jump comes from your calf taking the shock of your jump. Heck, you could jump rope barefoot if you so desired (same goes for squatting and DLing... unless your gym prohibits that).

I carry around three pairs of shoes (min) for my training. Chucks, Do-wins (Oly lifting shoes), and my new balance jogging shoes. Depending on what I'm getting ready to do I'll just pull a Mr. Rogers and swap shoes.


I love my chucks. they are cheap and they are great for deadlifts or squats. I had some running shoes and I found that by taking my shoes off I was able to squat and deadlift more weight. I wouldn't suggest running shoes for lifting. I also found that I was more stable while doing unilateral work such as single leg deadlifts and single leg squats with my chuck taylors.


Definitely whatever awesome shoes this awesome guy is wearing. All kidding aside, have you tried squatting barefoot? I feel most stable and responsive sans shoes. Otherwise, flat-heeled, thin-soled shoes like the aforementioned chucks, sambas, etc.


Go barefoot and improve knee and ankle health along with toe strength...


seriously, barefoot is better for you than any shoe, plenty of threads on this site have covered barefooting. I personally wear a pair of Vibram five fingers KSO's everyday for everything I do from walking, office, to lifting, marathon training, and ultimate Frisbee...


Random hijack...

Marathon training? So you're logging 30+ miles a week in five fingers? I'd be kind of interested to hear how that's working out for you.

Despite the fact that I've spent a good portion of my life barefoot (which supposedly builds the muscles in my feet), my feet are flatter than Florida. I just can't imagine running long distances with no cushion or arch support.

/random hijack


That Squat looks a little high to me, and I'm not sure the Physioball is regulation height. Wouldn't pass in most Raw Physiball PL feds.

On a slightly more serious note, I prefer Adidas Sambas for DL'ing and Do-Win Rogue's for Squatting. If I jumped rope, it would probably be in the same pair of shoes that I wore if I ran, which I don't, but which would be running shoes, if I did.


I probably should have specified, half marathon training....

The most I have run at one time in them is 10 miles... I probably run 10 to 20 miles a week in them. I start back in January at 1 mile at a time 2 times a week and have worked up... I had to buy a 2nd pair of vibrams that fit tighter because the original pair stretched. Also, I had to get a few pairs of Injinji socks because if you don't, you have to wash the shoes every 2 to 3 days or they make people 4 miles away run in fear of the smell....

I plan to run the Seattle 1/2 this fall and after that I may run a full next year... My sister (has run 2 fulls and 4 1/2s) thinks I am crazy but I blew out my knee last spring playing lacrosse and had 3 months of rehab after using a cane for 2 months to walk around. My knee and ankle have never felt better, and my squat has never been higher... (closing in on 4 plates for my squat)....


Man, the more I hear about these things, the more I think I'm going to have to try a pair. Thanks for the info.


For real man try to score a pair - I have 2 pairs myself for lifts in the gym but I'm still too much of a fatass to try to run even a few miles in them. Although this summer would be a good gradual time to start... Give them a try.

As for the Injinji socks I'm going to have to look into those as well but at around $15/pair here...


I just wear my Mizuno running shoes. They don't have that much cushion and they really dont affect my lifts =/