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Workout Shakes (The Drinking Kind)


I usually workout when I get home from work at 6:30 until 7:30-8:00. I eat before I leave work around 4:30 but by the time I get home I'm hungry again obviously. So lately I've been making a shake to drink during my workout with a cup of milk, frozen banana, protein powder, olive oil, egg, frozen yoghurt and some peanut butter all blended up. I drink that while I workout and then I eat dinner after I'm done. Is it bad to have my protein during the workout instead of after the workout? Is there something I could be having during the workout that would be better than my usual shake?


well that is a WEIRD shake but hey if you like it and can train at a high intensity and keep it down then good for you. If you are hungry I would use a couple scoops of whey and some carbs like waxy maze, maltodextrin or dextrose. And then have another shake post workout containing the same. DO NOT PUT FAT IN YOUR POST WORKOUT SHAKE, fat slows the digestion of your meal and the goal of a post workout shake is to spike your insulin and shuttle the protein into the torn down muscle tissue to begin the repair through the amino acids in the protein.

Personally I have a liquid meal 30 minutes prior to training then take a BCAA drink that I sip during my workout then as soon as the last rep is done I drink my post workout sake of 50 grams of whey isolate and 75 grams of maltodextrin. Now there are different ways of approaching peri-workout nutrition (Read the ANACONDA Protocol) I just like to stick with what works for me. It can be as simple as getting yourself some powdered gatorade and using that mixed in with your whey post workout. Anyway I hope this helps a bit.


It would make more sense to drink this 30 to 45 minutes prior to training so that your body has a chance to begin digesting it prior to training.


Haha, I would most likely vomit if I drank that during my workouts...but if it works for you, go for it. Paul Anderson drank milk during his workouts, he did just fine.


You dont want to consume fats during your workout, if you dont have to. Save them for other times during the day. Like when it's not wise to have carbs.


Read that for starters.

Then read all of Christian Thibaudeau's writing on "para-nutrition"