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Workout Selection, Waterbury vs 5x5

About 10 years of lifting,
now about 193,32 years old…13 or 14% bf…
busy schedule, last year been my worst in the gym…

I wanna get back on track, thinking of a 5x5(madcow) or the Waterbury method, maybe tbt, also i will add some booster for arms and maybe shoulders and traps.

for those who follow these workout, which one will you take?

goal = strenght and gain quality mass

take in consideration my level of motivation is high but my work schedule is killing me sometimes…


Either should work just fine, though if you’re really looking to gain alot of strength one of the westside barbell routines is probably your best bet. I use 5x5 and like it alot, though I’m not sure exactly how (madcow) does it. For me, 5x5 is five sets at the same weight, preferably not to failure, warmup not included. For warmups, I do one set of 5 each time I throw on another 45lb plate. So if I were going to bench 305 it would look like this:

1x5 @ 135lbs
1x5 @ 225lbs
5x5 @ 305lbs

At the end if I felt like maybe I had a few reps left in the tank, I’d write that down in my logbook and kick up the weight next time. I use fractional plates, so I can add as little as 1/4lb if I want to, though usually I find myself adding between 1-2lbs per session.

gvt by Poliquin…is also something i might considering…