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Workout Schedule


Hey Coach! I'm looking for some feedback about my training schedule. First of all, my most important goal is to be and stay strong. I LOVE feeling like I can move anything I want to (within reason). My secondary goal is to get rid of some stubborn body fat that seems to be hanging around my midsection and other random areas. Currently Im 5'6", 142(+/- 2-3lbs), and somewhere around 22-24% BF. I feel like I have my diet in check. It's not 100% strict, but it's pretty dialed in, I think. I lift heavy weight low reps 4-5 days per week depending on how well I recover, and lighter weight higher rep 1-2 days a week. So overall I try to get in 6 lifting days with 1 day of active recover (jiu jitsu). I also do 6-8 hours/week of hard jiu jitsu training/rolling.

My question is whether or not I should continue to lift heavy as often as I do, or switch to higher rep workouts more often for more fat loss. I absolutely love lifting heavy. I feel like my body is strong and functions much better when I lift heavy, so this is why I chose to do it 5 days a week over higher rep workouts. Also, I hear so many negative things about "cardio" that I'm afraid to do anything other than high intensity interval work. Jiu jitsu offers quite a bit of cardio but I don't know if I should add in more (if any).

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks so much!!


Don't use lifting to lose fat. Keep lifting heavy but add loaded carries at the end of your workouts:

  • Farmer' walk
  • Zercher carries (walking with the barbell in the crook of your elbows)
  • Prowler pushing
  • Sled drag
  • Wheelbarrow walk (walking with a loaded wheelbarrow)
    are good examples

For fat loss I recommend 1 minute carries, covering as much distance as possible with the heaviest weight you can handle for that time frame. Do 5-7 sets with 1 minute of rest.

Once a week challenge yourself to a longer Medley. Something like:

1 min farmer's walk
1 min Zercher carry
1 min overhead walk (walking with a barbell or dumbbell held overhead)
Maximum 20 seconds between stations. Rest 2 minutes between sets. Do 2-4 sets.

On top of fat loss it will transfer to your sport.


I can do that! Thanks so much for the help!