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Workout Schedule for Rugby Union Winger, Too Much?

Squats and other leg work, forearm workout, stretching and abs.

Bench session 1, + accessory work, ladder work and conditioning.

Kicking session for 30 minutes followed by deadlifts & accessory work, forearm workout, stretching and abs.

Power session …Followed by sprints/Plyo’s/ Balance work.

Bench session 2 + accessory work, conditioning, forearm workout, stretching and abs.


Going to bed now, seminar this weekend (oddly enough the gym is owned by Jack Lovett, a former pro winger). Ill get to it over the weekend but right of the bat I dont think that doing legs the day after conditioning is a great idea.

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The chances of that haha. Ok thanks and il that info in. Look forward to your full response and keep up the awesome articles!

Are you going to reply as I’m starting rugby season soon and would like to know if I have a decent programme going on here? Would appreciate reply.

Been really busy travelling. I’m travelling today too. I will do my best.

I absolutely cannot comment on your list because it’s not a program. It’s a list of exercises.

You do not mention volume, sets, reps, intensity level, rest intervals, is it in-season or off-season . how many practices do you have and on which days, how many games, what are your weaknesses? What accessory work you are doing, what is your training experience.

With what you give me I cannot give you any advice. How can I tell you if you are doing too much if you don’t tell me how much you do???

It’s like asking me “I eat chicken, beef, fish, potatoes, rice, veggies and oatmeal… is it too much”… without quantities (volume) I cannot help you

I bench once a week 5 sets of 5. Back squat once a week doing your 8 sets of 3 rocket rep style, then I snatch grip deadlift once a week 5 sets of 3. I also push press twice a week doing 6 sets of 2. Then I do bodybuilding work occasionally around those exercises if I have the energy, as in classic 4 sets of 10 or find a power movement to work that muscle group as I want to do more power stuff for rugby. I do it all season but cut it down in parts when in season which is standard. I will have training twice a week and one game a week, I haven’t got to my university yet so I can’t tell you then exact structure of rugby training yet. My weakness are agility after going from 10 stone 2 years to 13 stone after being told to bulk up, I would like to get step back to a good form as it use to be one of my strengths. Kicking is a weakness and my speed is pretty good but could do with improving. I’ve been doing weight for 2 years and like to think my training knowledge is pretty decent but I want to make sure that I’m doing the right amount of stuff for overall benefit of best performance. Hopefully this helps you any anymore questions just ask but I think I’ve covered most of it.

A reply would be awesome and would help me a lot coming from someone like yourself with your knowledge.

When you say 5 x 5 or 8 x 3 or 6 x 2… are there all work sets with a similar weight or do you have 2 maybe 3 heavier sets and 3-5 lighter but progressively higher ones?

They are all a weight in which if I complete to a good standard and powerfully with good form I will increase the weight by 2.5 kg weekly. Is that a good enough answer? If not let me know.

So all of these sets use roughly the same weight?

The 5 sets of 5 is for bench press which I’m doing 80 kg after not doing upper body for 7 months due to injury. 8 sets of 3 I work up 150 kg in rocket launch rep style. Then 6 sets of 3 I meant to say for push press I am doing around 55 kg again after chronic bicep injury I stopped doing upper body for a while. So to answer the question the weight is not the same across the board.