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Workout Routine


I am in the process of trying to bulk up right now. been working out for about 7 months off and on. am a very hard gainer. typically, mon, wed and fri are full body workouts consisting of squats/deadlifts, bench press, dips, rows, pull ups. If i want to put size on my arms and calves as well is it necessary on the off days to do things like curls, tricep extensions and calve raises or will these things grow as a result of the full body workouts. any advice is appreciated..



A few red flags here...

Hard gainer?
We don't believe in those around here. Gaining is typically hard for anyone. You need to put this kinda thinking in the trash. Can you give us a breakdown of what you are eating typically...i.e. cals/day, and how many from protein and carbs?

Total Body Training
While I've used this before for fat loss and completely endorse it for this goal, I haven't seen very many guys put on size quickly with it, unless they are genetic outliers who are gonna be big no matter what they do. You will probably be better suited with a split. A few options are upper/lower, push/pull/legs, or a bodypart split. If your arms are relatively small right now, you can and you probably will put size on your arms from the compound movements; however, to grow them optimally, you will need to train them directly and regularly.


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FYI, you are a beginner.