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Workout Routine


I am 15 and have started 'working out'

I do not go to a gym, and have no intention to at the present time.

All I have is a set of Dumbbells, the weights are:

2 * 1.25kgs
2 * 2.5kgs
2 * 5kgs
each bar itself is 1.75kgs

I am trying to bulk up a bit, I have had results, but would like to build-up more.

I am interested in building my biceps, triceps, shoulders, pecs, and abs.

I have been doing Hammer curls, bicep curls, push-ups, sit-ups, and a few more things. I am willing to try any new exercises.

Would someone be able to write a workout routine for a week for me please, I don't know how to organize it. So if a routine could be suggested, I will stick to it, I push myself very hard.

Also, if you suggest a certain exercise, could you also tell me what that exercise is, as I am not very up-to-date with the names.

Any and all tips/help will be greatly appreciated,



Why would you expect someone to write a routine for you when you can't even be bothered to go to the gym?


Oh not to mention if you actually read the site you could find one yourself.


If you can't go to the gym then get a doorway pullup bar and some big bands for pressing/pushups. It should hold you over until you can go to the gym. And eat 6 times a day, goddammit.


Pretty much what I was gonna say. Keep hitting the curls and tricep extensions, but make Pullups, and pushups the main focus in your training.


Go to a gym. Work you legs. Eat. Hit big compound movements.

Try Starting Strength since your a beginner and pack on some mass before you start to bodybuild, maybe once you have stopped improving on starting strength try WS4SB.


Tumbles: It is not that i can't be bothered to go to a gym, it is that a gym is inaccessible, a very long way away from my home.

So just chill out.

Majin: Thanks, I will eat big, but not fatty stuff like fast food! (TUNA IS TASTY! AND GOOD; LOW IN FAT, HIGH IN PROTEIN!)

Dankid: Thanks, I will do that!

X7502: What do you propose I do to work my legs, gym is not likely, I have a bike machine, and a treadmill, should I use these more?


Single leg squats, sprints...



It's hard to realize that there are actually places where there is no gym within traveling distance since I've always lived in a city.

You definitely need more equipment if you can't hit up a gym though; getting bigger very much involves progressing in the weights that you are using.


Tumbles: don't worry about it mate,

I will try these sprints and leg squats!


Well if your not using weights follow the program Trainforstrength


It doesn't look like much but trust me it's an excellent workout and suprisingly very taxing. There's also a second workout on the site that's even harder than the 1st but leave it for now.

You can't really expect to build a lot of leg mass without squats, deadlifts and other exercises such as lunges, heel raises, romanian deadlifts etc. but without weights do:

Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight Lunges

Wall Sits - Sit as though on an invisible chair with your back against a wall or wardrobe or something flat and vertical. Hold the pose for as long as you can.


If your interested in buying books I found 'Training for Warriors' and 'fit to fight' were pretty sound for bodyweight stuff, it's geared towards training for MMA but still has lots of good advice. Eat big foods as well, not chocolate, crisps, cakes and biscuits I mean brown rice, Milk, Wholemeal Bread, Quaker oats porridge, Nuts, Avocados, Natural Cottage cheese, Chicken, Salmon, Tuna, Eggs and etcetera.


Thanks man, Ill look up those books.

I will do those 'invisible chair' things.

I do them from time to time anyway, but without a wall, and on one leg! lol

Thanks for the assist.