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Workout Routine While on Androsol

I was wondering what type of routine I should follow? If I should go balls to the wall lop reps, or if I should just keep with my oscillating wave program for 2 weeks like usual?

The androsol will help you recover from a higher number of sets, but the strength gains won’t really kick in fully until the end of the two weeks and the week or two after. I’ve done three cycles, and got the best results from the last one because I adjusted my lifting accordingly. During the 2 weeks on I followed a moderately heavy weight high-set program where the weight generally remained fixed for all sets (almost GVT, but with 5-7 sets of 4-5, and then an assistance compound move for 4 sets of 6-7). For upper body I supersetted antagonistic muscle groups in a simular fashion to faze 2 of Kings Chest and Back, lower body was split between ham and quads, emphasizing a power movement and then assistance(for example, heavy cleans and then good mornings) After the two weeks I used Androsol AM only (for 1 week) with alot of methoxy and tribex. In the gym I dropped ALL assistance lifts, and instead focused on lower rep wave loading of the power movements for two weeks(432 or 321), hitting new PR’s every workout. I kept pretty much all the size gains, and ended up alot stronger. Remember, be patient with the strength gains. Androsol doesn’t cause an immediate leverage boost through water bloat like Anadrol, or killer aggresiveness like Halo, so there really is no point in trying to max your lifts early on.

again empahisis to the fact that you usually won’t notice true strength gains until about 3 weeks into a cycle of steroids. So you may have to do a longer cycle. Androsol being a week steroid (as opposed to dianbol), it can be looked at similar to those steroid and the recommendation of the experts. Based on that I believe I read an article by bill roberts on mesomorphosis that you should do no more than 120 sets a week during a cycle. So a good guess would probably be no more than 100 work sets per week. As a reference Ian King states no more than 12 work sets per workout and if you lift 7 days a week(ouch) this 84 sets. So I would say do the normal 3-5 sets of higher intensity exercises and throw in more volume compared to what you normally do.