Workout Routine Program

Pendlay does a lot of different stuff with his athletes depending on individual needs and which point they are at within the yearly training cycle. Rippetoe can’t even teach the power clean properly(from an OL standpoint).

If someone can just name ANYONE that Rippetoe coached, it’d be cool.

As far as him and Pendlay, I believe they’ve had a falling out, so it’d be hard to say really.

And wasn’t the Texas Method developed by Bill Starr?

LOL James Moser, Glenn Pendlay, Lon Kilgore, Josh Wells would be his claims to fame but unsure how involved he actually was.

Bill Starr wrote The Strongest Shall Survive which had the program, The Big Three, which is essentially The Texas Method. Rip made some tweaks (subbed deadlifts for power cleans, alternated the pressing, i think Big 3 had an initial ramp as well? Pretty sure Bill allowed subbing and perhaps i made up thr initial ramp, so Texas Method would then jist be a templayted version of The Big 3)

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A quick search for Josh Wells led me to this post by Pendlay:

“I coached Josh from the day he started lifting in 1999, through his making the Junior world team and attending the meet in 2004 I believe Josh did 130/160 as an 85 at the Junior worlds, although his best competition lifts at the time were 135/165, again, as an 85kg lifter. The 165 clean and jerk personal record was the lift he made at the 2004 Nationals that put him ahead of Norik Vardanian and on the Junior World team. Dr. Michael Hartman acted as his 2nd coach and was listed as such during this time period. Not too long after his Junior world appearance, he was injured, and could not train for a while, and of course did not compete for a while. Roughly during this time period, he was hired to work at Mark Rippetoes gym, and ended his membership in the Wichita Falls Weightlifting club. This ended the period where I coached him. He then registered with the “Bone Unit” club which was run by Rip’s girlfriend, Stef. At this time, I believe Mark started writing his programming. He continued to compete, attending collegiate nationals in 2006, 2007, and 2008. He competed as a 94kg lifter each time, doing 125/150 in 2006, 130/145 in 2007, and finally 120/155 as a 94kg lifter in 2008. I do not think he has appeared on the national stage since. I believe Rip was listed as his coach for each of these competitions.”

I appreciate that. The history can get a little muddled at times. It’s good to keep things sortged out.