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Workout Routine: PPL, Quads/Chest Emphasis?

Hello everyone, i’am new to the forum, and sorry for my bad english.

Height 180cm,
Weight 80kg,
I’am not beginner, i consider myself as a advanced natural lifter.

My lagging body parts are quads and chest. And my focus is on them.

I’m currently running U/L 4 day split. After 9 weeks i feel that i need deload.

Here is my routine:
Upper, Lower, rest, Upper, Lower, rest rest.

On upper days i’ll do 8 sets for chest, 7 for back, 6 for delts, 4 triceps, abs.
Lower, 11 quads, 6 hams, 5 calves, and biceps 3 sets.

After deload i consider to switch to another split. Some PPL variations with chest and quads emphasis. Like:


quads+cehst (lighter workout),

What do you think?
Thank you

Little more info would help. What current exercises are you doing with what weight and reps?

My current workout, here is for chest and legs. Chest exercises are the same trough both training workouts, A and B:

Incline barbell press 4x6-8 x90kg
flat dumbell press 4x10 x25kg
that’s all for pecs

squat 4x6-8 x100kg
front squat 4x10 x65kg
leg extensions

And for Legs second workout are hamstrings focus

How long have you been lifting?

Atleast 2 months and seventeen 5/3/1 cycles

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Post your entire workout, numbnuts.

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I’m lifting about 4 years, but i am consistent last 2.5 years.
I had coach, and his philosophy is that for hypertrophy lifting heavy weights is not optimal, and because that i I did not use progressive overload principe. I did not progress in lifts.

Now, i am on U/L split on my own and try to progress on main lifts.


  1. Incline bench press 8x85, 8x85, 6x90, 6x90
  2. Shoulder smith machine press 3x8x60kg
  3. Flat dumbell press 4x10x25kg
  4. Shoulder flys 3x15x10kg
  5. Bent over Barbell row 4x10x60kg
  6. Lat pulldown 3x10x45kg
  7. Skull cruchers 3x10x41kg


  1. Back Squat 8x90, 8x100, 8x100, 7x100
  2. Front Squat 4x10x65kg
  3. Leg extensions 4x15x50kg (constant tension)
  4. Standing calf raise 4x12x60kg
  5. Biceps barbell 3x10x30kg
  6. ABS

Second Lower day is hamstring focus and i hit deadlift (3x6x130kg)

Here is my current shape at 80 kg.

4 5

How did your coach define heavy?

Sorry, maybe I was not clear. I had exercises with low reps(8reps), high reps, dropsets, supersets etc. But i’am not progressively overload in weights/reps. I was not stronger.

Now with U/L split i’m getting stronger, fuller, gain 3kg, but i feel that i need more volume and because of that it takes me a long time to finish my workouts.

So, i was thinking to switch to PPL + one workout for chest and quads because that’s my lagging bodyparts. And that workout will be lighter, with 10+ reps.

Maybe I’m wrong and I would appreciate your opinion.