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Workout Routine for Mass?

hey everyone,

i am willing to lift some weight and increase solid muscle mass so what is the best workout routine for gaining muscle mass? also share some healthy eating supplements for mass.

thanks and sorry for any mistake

What do you mean by “some”?

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Normally squats any range you choose just make sure you do 20 reps in total for all the sets , a quality protein shake , fish oil and creatine.

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I recommend a trip to the local Chinese buffet on a regular basis. There’s a lot of training solutions that are going to work, but gaining mass will always be governed by what you put in your mouth. Find a gainer you like and make it a regular staple. If you start getting fat, dial the calories back a bit.

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20 Rep Squats for leg mass. Start at 50% of your 1RM and do a set of 20 without racking the weight. Increase 5lbs every week. Works miracles

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i am a newbie, so ignore mistakes
what i meant by some weight is that i dont want extensive weight training, i was saying slight weight lifting.


OK…I do not know if your being serious or just Trolling. Would you explain why and what would you prefer to do …that would stimulate muscle hypertrophy in a more efficient way?



You’re saying a total of 20 working reps for a squat session? or are you saying 20 reps per set? I’m more likely to sign off on the latter. If you mean the former, you’re just plain wrong. 2 sets of 10 will not get the job done. 4 sets of 5 will not. nor will 10 heavy doubles. So I’m not sure how you came up with that.

For reference, I generally work up to my heaviest set, using anything in the range of 2-5 reps per set over 70% of my max. I then drop the weight and do 4 or 5 sets of 8-10.

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I am using Pripelin’s table (I should have added at 70% 1RPM or above).I’ll take Soviet’s research word for it. 10 heavy doubles is more than enough for hypertrophy. There is a t-nation article on the table - other tables make it more clear that 70% is the hypertrophy and endurance range.

Your approach is not ideal for hypertrophy according to the table.

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cool. I’ll take my big legs and my elite squat. you do whatever the hell you want.

You would succeed whatever you do , if you can get to an elite squat . You talking strength though not hypertrophy. Seriously though I do value your input here.

So many face palm worthy posts here.


your advice didn’t take in 2 major components of the table. Yes, you should have added the % of max. You ALSO left off rest time. Do you think those components are less valuable than the set and rep scheme?

Aside from that, the table does not say ‘get to 20 reps, how you get there doesn’t matter’

Dont think it matter guys… The OP doesn’t want to do extensive weight training.

A Shake Weight should suit him fine.

i’m entertaining this just in case it’s just a language barrier issue, honestly.

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Some far points which I acknowledged. Yes I find them less valuable than the total number of reps performed I believe it is the overall work done at the percentage which matters most.

Don’t think rest counts for much unless you are not recovered (3 mins for most at 70% for most people for that rep range.) I didn’t want to present the table or bamboozle with too much information.

But how do you justify your approach with respect to the table?

I think most people would work at 70 % or above often rather than at 50 % with the bar and not to failure and expect that to work better. I know 30 % to failure with the bar is just as good according to the latest research (but that doesn’t have the same level of participants as the soviet research.

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I hope he means that hes looking at some type of Body weight routine…other wise I think I might slam my head into the wall.

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mostly because I’ve lifted using similar templates to the table, and more volume has produced better results for me. I’ve been lifting for 15 years. My experience is useful. My best results have come from doing 50-100 reps per session. I had good results with strength with less reps, but not size.

How do you justify relying on the table? Why do you think this table is better than other templates? Is it because a Russian guy wrote it and Westside guys like it?

Yes I think the Russian research is more thorough and it appears to be far more extensive and it used athletes . Out of interest which templates are you referring to?. I would die trying anything above 25 -30 reps , I have tried and all I go was sore from schemes like 20 reps squats etc.

I do try to use the table in my training when I can. The best results I got from it to be fair is with high pulls. As I am quite fat it’s difficult to know how much muscle I have gained. I have gone from 160lb and 260lb But my strength is garbage as a bigger guy.