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Workout Routine for Big Booty?

Hey everyone i have qustion about my workout routine i want do legs 4 times a week or 3 times .
1 Monday -legs
2 Tuesday-whole body
3 Wednesday rest
4 Thursday legs
5 Friday -whole body
6 Saturday-rest
7Sunday -cardio and abs
Thats first of my ideas for workout routine the second is
1 Legs
2 Legs
3 Upper body
4 Upper body
5 and 6 Legs
7 Rest

I think the first one is better i did 3 times a week whole body 5 months

Thank u and sorry about my bad english:)

I don’t know how advanced you are as a lifter, but for the moment I will assume you are new to lifting. I would suggest taking your three favorite leg exercises and rotate doing them, and then do upper body work afterwards. This worked well for me when I first started taking weight lifting seriously.


Monday: Squats then chest
Wednesday: dead lift then upper back
Friday: leg press then shoulders

If you are more advanced, you could google “21 day squat challenge.” I gained 7 kilograms of muscle squatting (alternating heavy and light days) and yet was complimented on losing weight because I appeared thinner.

I am not a woman but I find womens with big nice butts do the following:

-More lower body than upper body work.
-A main strength movement, but not always (most don’t stick with it, but I find they get more results when they do it) (I have a very good observation sense).
-Alot of glute isolation exercises, which can get quite exotic, with great mind-muscle connection and good efforts.
-Diversified cardio.
-Genetics plays alot, some woman train like crap and get good results but if you are dedicated and a minimum smart you will get good results too, even if you are a beanpole.

From an admirer of female glute warriors.

The second of my ideas is

1 Squats
2 Sumo squats
3 Walking lunges
4 Bulgarian squts

1 Squat
2 Sumo squats
3 Sumo deadlift
4 Jump squats
5 Bulgarian squts

Wednes day
1 Push ups
2 DB bench press
3 Pull ups
4Dumbbell Shoulder Press
5 Abs abnd cardio

Thursday–like Wednesday

1 Squats
2 goblet squts
3Sumo deadlift
4 Romanian dead lift
5 Jump squts

1 Step ups
2 Sumo squats
3 Leg press

Monday and Friday low reps high weight .Tuesday and Saturday low weights high reps
Something like 5x5 for Monday and Friday and 3x15 for Tuesday and Saturday

Good morning people:) i think i can do it maybe…

1 Monday
2 Sumo squats
3 Jump squats
4 Walking lunges

1 Bulgarian squts’
2 Sumo deadlift
3 Sumo squats
4Push Ups
5 Barbell Bench Press
6 Dumbbells Lying Row
7 Abs
8 Cardio sprints

1 Squats
2 Sumo squats
3 Sumo deadlift
3 Romanian deadlift
4 Lunges

1 bulgarian squats
2 step ups
3 walking lunges
Upper body is like Tuesday

Maybe its good idea for my routine …

These are good routines and courageous but it’s not guaranteed you will recover from this. Remember you also have to monitor your performance and get stronger to really get your glutes bigger. Another idea would be:

1-Harmstring dominant (1 strength movement and accessories)
2-Glutes (only accessories)
3-Chest/shoulders/biceps (or triceps)
4-Quadriceps dominant (1 strength movement and accessories)
5-back/triceps (or biceps)

In that order and cardio when you want after weightlifting. It can be separated

You have to get stronger on the strength movement. You must lift more weight or the same weight for more reps week after week on this movement (or at least it has to be easier). Accessories are where you focus on your muscle, where your desire for a big butt is summoned.

I like ur idea for my routine^^^^ .Can u help me about workouts:)?

I like ur idea for my routine^^^^ .Can u help me about workouts:)?
Actually my fav workouts are sumo squts,jump squats ,walking lunges,bulgarian split squats,glute kick,step up,sumo deadllift,jump lunge:) one leg sumo deadlift:) and of course just squats:)

I am trying to help you, the next step would be to fit your favorite exercises in a structure. Deadlifts, lunges are harmstring dominant, split squats and squats are quad dominant, and so on.

Thank u:) As i said my fav exercises are sumo squts,jump squats ,walking lunges,bulgarian split squats,glute kick,step up,sumo deadllift,jump lunge:) one leg sumo deadlift:) and of course just squats:)

I forgot I also like front squat, glute ham raise :slight_smile:
Thank u about help :):slight_smile:

Alright i’ll write something tomorrow, it’s only about filling the structure with exercices, anyone can chime in too.

1-Quadriceps dominant (1 strength movement and accessories)
2-Glutes (only accessories)
4-Hamstring (1 strength movement and accessories)

Exercises explanations:

Heavy: this is your strength movement. You have to get stronger week after week. You must have good form. Good form will guarantee you are not wasting your time and that you progress in the long run. You focus is to complete the reps, it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel your muscle. 4-6 reps

Medium: Higher reps than the heavy movement and you have to feel your muscle working. More than 6 reps.

Light: the focus is on feeling the muscle. Weight doesn’t matter, you make it as hard as you can by focusing on the muscle. More than 10 reps.

Always ramp up your weights, it is more important on the heavy movement. 2-3 working sets is a guideline, it’s as you wish and as you feel it’s the best.

You have to become responsible for your training and figure what work for you as you get more and more experienced.

You can retrieve exercises if you feel it’s too much. If it’s really too much you can merge the glute day into the hamstring and quad day and retrieve some exercises from those days.


1- Quadriceps dominant
Jump squat (warm up: explosive)
Squat (heavy)
Split squats (medium)
Leg press (medium)
Front squat (medium)

2- Glutes dominant
Weighted glute hip thrust: with the barbell in the crease your hips, with your upper back on a bench (medium)
Step up (medium)
Hip abduction machine (medium)
Cable pull through (medium)
Glute kicks (light)
Any butt machine (light)

It’s very important that you learn to feel your butt here.

3- Chest/shoulder/triceps
Standard day

4- Hamstring dominant
Romanian deadlift (heavy)
Walking lunges (medium)
Glute ham raises (medium)
Back extension (medium)
Leg curl (medium)

5- Back/biceps
Standard day, no need to do lower back.

Cardio when you want, if you want and rest as needed.

Thank u:) about my workout routine.

If you want to bring up glutes, training them 3 times per week is good. Something like MWF. More frequency may be counter-productive. Give yourself time to recover and grow.

This has been posted here at TN many times over the years. I like to set up BB Glute Bridges on a Smith machine because it’s just much easier to load plates on and off, and to get your hips under a heavy BB, since the Smith keeps the BB off he floor a few inches, even at it’s lowest setting.

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^ About the video above, if you’re interested, Bret Contreras talks about her training in detail on his blog. You can search Gluteal Goddess Workout Bret Contreras and read his Q and A in the comments regarding exercises, frequency, etc… Also, you might like his article, How the Best of the Best Train Their Glutes. More info than you need, but there’s a compilation of videos of glute training with women who do figure and bikini comps.

This is a favorite of mine for glute activation work, with increased time holding the peaks.

Also, I found Amanda Latona Shows how She Gets Those Glutes ,to be helpful. I like to use the Hip Abductor machine, forward sitting as shown in that video at about 7:00.

Hey everyone i have need of advice about my butt routine .Actually thats my dream booty

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So people help to make booty similar like it.I think about 3 times a week like

1 Monday
about butt workout and Tuesday and Thursday about Upper body workout

For Monday my idea is
1 Squat
2 Deadlift
3 Bulgarian split squat
4 Lunges
5 Glute kick

But i have need from ideas about Wednesday and Friday and actually im open for routine ideas
Thank u people:).I think about high reps becouse i do workout at home for now .I have 2 dumbells and barbell

Thank u and sorry for my bad english and Good night;)

Can we get a now picture do you need to tone or bulk.

Hey:) .I need tone and bulk but maybe a little more bulk:)

Arent you littlegirlonfire or something who made a similar thread 3 month ago, to who I replied and gave advices? Pretty sure that’s you, same writing style.