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Workout Routine for Bench Comp


Ok so i competed in a powerlifting competition just the bench press and want to continue. Right now my workout routine consists of a modified version of dorian yates blood and guts routine and im just wondering if it would be right for what im doing. My rep range right now is 6-8 reps and as competition time comes closer my reps will go to 4-6 and than 1-3 rep range. this is my current routine ill throw typical weights i use too. I do all my sets until failure if im going for 6 i get 6 and than do 2 more forced reps and same thing with 8 reps do 2 more forced reps

Mon- chest

Bench press- 2 warm up sets 12 reps 135, 10 reps 225 2 working sets 6 reps of 375 8 reps of 335
Incline bench press- 1 warm up set 10 reps 135 2 working sets 6 reps of 245 8 reps of 205
incline or flat db press rotate every other week- 1 warmup 10 reps 40lbs 2 sets 6 reps 100lbs
8 reps 80 lbs
flat db fly or incline db fly- 1 warmup 12 reps 20lbs 2 sets 8 reps 50lbs 10 reps 40lbs

tuesday- Back
Deadlifts- 2 warmups 10 reps 135 8 reps 225 2 sets 4 reps 500 6-8 reps 405
pulldowns- 1 warmup 10 reps 200 lbs 2 sets 6 reps 300lbs 8 reps 270lbs
tbar row- 1 warmup 10 reps 2 plates 2 sets 6 reps 5 plates 8 reps 4 plates
dumbbell row- 1 warmup 10 reps 65lbs 2 sets 6 reps 150lbs 8 reps 130lbs
db pullover superset with assisted pullups- 1 warmup 60lbs 2 sets 6 reps 100lbs 8 reps 80lbs

wed- shoulders

db military or bb military- 2 warmup sets 12 reps 40 10 reps 50 2 sets 6 reps 90 8 reps 75
side db lateral raises- 1 warmup 12 reps 10lbs 2 sets 6 reps 30lbs 8 reps 20lbs
cable laterals- 1 warmup 12 reps 20lbs 2 sets 6 reps 50lbs 8 reps 40lbs
rear delts- 1 warmup 12 reps 100lbs 2 sets 6 reps 220lbs 8 reps 180lbs
db shrugs- 1 warmup 12 reps 100lbs 2 sets 12 150lbs 12 reps 150lbs

thurs- arms

bb curls- 2 warmups 12 reps 45 10 reps 55lbs 2 sets 6 reps 95lbs 8 reps 85lbs
seated curls- 1 warmup 12 reps 15lbs 2 sets 6 reps 40lbs 8 reps 30lbs
hammer curls- 1 warmup 10 reps 25lbs 2 sets 6 reps 50lbs 8 reps 40lbs

dips- 2 warmup 12 reps bodyweight 2 sets weighted 6-8 reps
skull crushers- 1 warmup 12 reps 75lbs 2 sets 6 reps 125lbs 8 reps 105lbs
pushdowns- 1 warmup 100lbs 2 sets 6 reps 275 8 reps 245

fri- legs
squats- 2 warmup 12 reps 135 10 reps 225 2 sets 6 reps 405 8 reps 315
hack squats- 1 warmup 12 reps 90lbs 2 sets 6 reps 380 8 reps 290
leg ex- 1 warmup 12 reps 105lbs 2 sets 6 reps 225lbs 8 reps 195lbs
lying leg curl- 1 warmup 12 reps 40lbs 2 sets 6 reps 105lbs 8 reps 90lbs
1 leg curl- 1 warmup 12 reps 10lbs 2 sets 6 reps 40lbs 8 reps 30 lbs


I don't consider myself a resident expert, but when they chime in I'm going to bet that they suggest that you throw out what you are doing and follow a reputable power lifting routine for the bench.

I'm using 5 3 1 with BB assistance lifts.


Can't go wrong with basic training man


His program is better than pretty much all of the bullcrap seen on the internet, if average online guru Joe Shmoe posted this exact thing and threw in some hype and %'s you'd be singing a different tune...


Not enough maximal work early on.

Why take it to failure when almost every quality strength protocol out there shows that strength training is best not taken to failure?


Not exactly. I don't follow hype. I follow results. If a training guru posted this and it was followed up with a lot of people saying that they followed it and all of their lifts went up, then yes.

I'm not saying that his program is bad --> He progresses from higher reps to lower reps over a period of time. That's certainly been done before. Seems as though the post-failure reps are not really encouarged these days.

He can do whatever he wants. I'm just saying, why re-invent the wheel?


Exactly, why reinvent the wheel and go after some random training program when you're already getting strong? Plus the last program I read online that was as simple and time proven as this is dated 1998, this guy is hardly reinventing the wheel, more like taking a 40 year old wheel and painting his own quirks and twists on it.

On the topic of forced reps, I saw a guy pull an allout set of deadlifts twice a week and he ended up doing 700. People can do amazing things if they're willing to accept some pain and discomfort..


Good points.

OP, do what ever you want. It doesn't matter.


I don't always take my reps to failure there's timesill take them to failure for a few weeks than take
Them to just the 6 reps or so to prevent overtraining. As for 1 rep maxes n that I don't Tend to throw them in due
To the fact I have one rep power all day i put all I have into the two working sets where Im cashed after it.