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Workout Routine Feedback


Can you guys give me any feedback on my workout routine? I have been doing full body routines for a while but I dont have access to weights anymore besides a 40 pound weight vest.

(Circuit x8 Sets)
Dips - Max
Chin Ups - Max
Squat - Max
Plank - 1 minute

Would this be a good routine to do M,W,F?


It looks like a great routine to make whatever progress you have left to make with that routine, then maintain that progress.

Depending on what your purpose of the routine is, it might be the best routine you will ever have, or the worst(exaggerating).

If you are looking to add size, you will need to find a way to increase the weight bimonthly or something similar.

If you are looking to maintain your current progress and in general get a good pump and get the heart-rate going on a consistent basis, then yeah that routine looks amazing dude. It will definitely burn some fat and maintain your strength/size.


Alright good to hear. Thanks for the feedback man!