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Workout Routine Critique

what do you guys think?

the “?” means i havent tried the excercise yet and im waiting to see how many reps i can do before i make a set amount

day 1

power clean 5x5
back squat 5x5
pull ups 4x8
bb bench press 5x5
cable crunches 3x10 and db kickbacks 3x8 superset
preacher curls 3x8

day 2

deadlift 5x5
dips 4x10
bb seated military press 5x5
leg curls 3x8 and diamond pushups superset 3x?
reverse curls 3x8 and serratus crunches 3x10 superset

day 3

power clean 5x5
front squat 5x5
bb rows 5x5
bb incline press 5x5
hanging leg raises 3x? and hammer curls 3x8 superset
standing skull crushers 3x8

I think there is too much if you are a beginner. How much weight are you think of putting on 60% or 90% of 1RM?