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Workout Routine Critique


what do you guys think?
day 1

power clean 5x5
back squat 5x5
pull ups 4x8
bb bench press 5x5
cable crunches 3x10 and db kickbacks 3x8 superset
preacher curls 3x8

day 2

deadlift 5x5
dips 4x10
bb seated military press 5x5
leg curls 3x8 and diamond pushups superset 3x?
reverse curls 3x8 and serratus crunches 3x10 superset

day 3

power clean 5x5
front squat 5x5
bb rows 5x5
bb incline press 5x5
hanging leg raises 3x? and hammer curls 3x8 superset
standing skull crushers 3x8


I would do cleans after squats, not before.


Looks fine.

You know the drill- make sure to eat a bunch.


You should always do Olympic lifts first in your workout due to the high coordination and speed of the lifts. You're program looks fine.


I'd say you have to many isolation movements in our program. I like to keep iso's at about 10%. throw out the kickbacks and the leg curls. If youre worried about those muscles hit them in more compound movements like close grip bench presses, dips, romanian dead lifts etc. Beginners just stick to basics. You lift more with compound movements which will equal more gains. Oh yeah- and eat.


I've found that you can hit the squats harder if you do them before the cleans, and while O lifts are fun, squats are, imo, the more important of the two to really go heavy on.