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workout & roids

is a split routine (2x daily) only beneficial if on the sauce ??


That’s a vague question. What kind of split? How many days?

And the answer is no, you can have split workouts when not “on.”

I think you should ask yourself questions, and not this forum.

  1. Do I split train now?
  2. Am I only considering split training because I am on steroids?
  3. Do I think I am going to make more gains because of this type of training?
    I am not going to rag on anyone, because that’s not me, but for some reason a lot of people believe in split training. I am not saying that it doesn’t work, because it does. Only if you do big/small muscle group. That will allow you to put more into each body part. I have seen so many people doing Mondays chest/tri in the morning, then Tuesdays back/bi in the evening. Steroids even though they allow you to recover a lot faster physically, that doesn’t mean that over 8-12 weeks mentally you are prepared to do something like this. Just train one to two muscle groups a day, and “punish those bitches”!!