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Workout Regimen Only Every Other Week

Dr Darden,

Have you ever tried a workout regimen only every other week? What would such a optimal routine look like in your opinion? How many days of training the “active” week? I have some ideas, but would probably hit the active week too often (too much). Thankful for your suggestions.

Why would you want to do that? Serious question. Is there a reason you can only train every other week?

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Good question. I should have explained. Hypothetically my relationship may soon end up in a separation. This means I will get responsibilty for kids every other week. Along with my work duties, I will have a hard time managing training then. Maybe I can negotiate at work for an hour here and there, and perhaps get someone to watch the kids, but in reality I will only have every other week available for spare time, meaning excercise.

Edit: Maybe I should have asked this question in the Bigger Stronger Leaner forum, but since I’m devoted to HIT I’m asking here.

A lot of gyms have some really, really cool child care centers. Mine basically has an arcade and all kinds of really fun things.

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Thanks wanna_be,

I forgot about that! You have done so, have you? My chain of gyms have at least one gym with very simple child facilities, but it may work with some encouragement. I may even bring my 6-year old with me as a younger training partner! :slight_smile:

I have never used the child care at the gyms. The two gyms I e seen with childcare have appeared to be great though, never seen a kid not want to go in, which is a good sign.

My arrangement is every other weekend, so I either workout at home or take off days when I have them.

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I also forgot the simple solution to train at home. I am appearantly a bit stressed about the situation. Have always wanted to buy a set of adjustable dumbbells. Thanks!

Haha, it would be weird if you weren’t stressed. There’s definitely options and you won’t need to go a week between working out.

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You can’t manage to find 15 minutes 3 days a week using Dardens extreme HIT program?

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Take the time you waste on this forum and workout instead.


Ehh. Not always as simple as that. I’m typing this while my second breakfast cooks and my kids are getting ready to go to the store. Definitely couldn’t be working out right now.


Every-other week training is not to my liking. Some of the forum guys have some fine suggestions.

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I was training once every 14 days for a period of time using a Heavy Duty consolidation training many years back. I don’t recommend that.

Training at home is the answer. Buy some Powerblocks (or adjustable dumbells for ease and saving space) and a good adjustable seat/bench. If you have more space, add some machines, etc. I love training at home. It’s the best thing I did before even thinking of a seemingly never-ending pandemic to happen one day.


Yes training at home is the only way!! A tornado hit our house a month ago and my gym is inaccessible so I am doing chins on an old bar and dips and nothing else . I feel just as worked as when I have access to all my machines .


Hope all were safe! Were you home/in basement at the time it hit?

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We are not in a tornado area and were in the living room and my wife heard the freight train sound , looked out the window and saw the trees twisting, then the alert came on to get to your basement and in less than a second a tree hit the house and the power went off , I ran to the door to see if i could see it and by then it had passed us. We lost 9 trees, 3 really big ones. smashed our green house, totaled our camper but mostly spared us and the house except for the roof . Our tree smashed our neighbors shed flat. My exercise machines are covered with stuff that got displaced . It’s been one major trauma after another . I don’t know how people survive when their house gets destroyed and they lose everything ? That’s beyond my comprehension.

Been there!

I am glad you and your family are safe!

I still can’t sleep during a heavy storm after all the years following my tornado experience. A tornado is simply a terrible terror!

Keep safe Mr. Scott

Glad to hear you and yours are safe

I’m very sorry to hear that, Scott! Sounds horrendous. Glad you and your family made it though! Take care and focus on the most important thing at hand, one thing at a time. My years at the emergency room taught me the importance of priorities in dreadful situations. I make use of this knowledge all the time for making best choices (and also for survival).

Wow. It’s amazing how fast they can strike.
When I was around 5 years old, one went over our house. We were in the basement, but I still recall that “train” sound which didn’t make sense to me at the time. I could hear a rattle in the china cabinet upstairs. This touched down about a mile from our house causing some mild damage. We were lucky.