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Workout Rash around eyes

I just set up a home gym system upstairs in my home. (One of those all in 1 gyms) Carpet floor and a nice open window in the room.
Anyways everytime I workout in that room. I get red marks above both eyebrows and on the sides of my eyes (upper cheak bones).

I went to the doctor and he said it might be mold in the room and I should steam clean the carpets. So I did that and I still get the red marks. So I went out and bought a bench and some free weights (I like those alot better then the gym anyways) and I have been working out downstairs in my basement. Face all cleared up and I no longer get the red marks.
But then I go upstairs and do some assisted pullups on that gym and with in 5 min I get those red marks back.
The redmarks also stay for a few days until they fade away.

I was wondering if anyone else has experenced this.
Im going to go back to the doctor next week and see If he can give me some more info. But I really dont want that workout gym I bought to go to waist.

P.S (The room use to be my brothers and he use to have alot of animals in there… as well as in the next room over there are farrots. I dont know if its the animals causing the problem or if its really something in that room.

Thank You

is a FARROT a Parrot or a ferret? The colorful bird that talks or the little weasel that eats babies’ brains while they sleep?

hehe…maybe he neglected to mention his brother was a genetic scientist performing experiments with cross-DNA breeding. LOL


It might be rosacea. Do a web search to find out more info. And stay away from farrots, whatever the hell those are. :slight_smile:

Maybe its the plastic or whatever material your home gym upstairs has on it that you are having a reaction to.

If the doctor diagnosed it’s mold, not just said it might be, then clean the walls and replace the insulation behind them.

You have an allergic response due to the following possible contributing factors:

  1. you’re allergic to the proteins from residual animal dander and skin
  2. you’re allergic to the fecal matter produced by dust mites feeding on 1)
  • Steam cleaning will NOT get everything out, especially not done just once. Popping some antihistamines and slapping on some hydrocortisone will offer symptomatic relief.

sorry its ferrets. bad spelling errors

LOL you guys are so funny…