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Workout Question


Quick info and question. 40 years old 6'3" bout 200 lbs. Have just started working out steady again after a few years off. Want to gain strength and some lean size. I don't care about huge size gains, more toning and looks (of course, my 3 year old daughter says i'm perfect).

I have been doing an every other day split body routine-chest/bi's--legs/tri's--and, back/shoulders. Been steady for about 2 months and seeing some differences. I have limited to work out, need to be around 1 1/2 hours or less. I have debated on changing to a 3 times a week full body. Please give me some feedback. Thanks


Good job on getting back into lifting!

I would, if you haven't lifted in a few years, start with more total body training. Either that or a upper/lower split. Im bias towards that because thats how I lift. I suggest the main compound lifts. Squats, deadlifts, presses, lunges, push ups, core work.

It'll kickstart your metabolism more, recruit more muscle fibers, and make your workouts shorter (and tougher).

Watch the diet, and incorporate some cardio and you'll see what you want --"gain strength and some lean size"

I do think splits (like the one you listed) can make you stronger but only if youre an advanced lifter (interested more in size gains and looks) who wants to really hit certain muscle groups.