Workout Question.

Hi. I just ended my wrestling season and i’m looking to get in better shape.
I was wondering if a six days a week with three workouts based around the benchpress,squat,and deadlift. For the visual:
Sunday: off day
Monday:Bench press and 8 other chest exercises.
Tuesday:Squat and 8 other leg exercises.
Wednesday:Deadlift and 8 other back exercises.
Thursday:Bench press and 8 other chest exercises.
Friday:Squat and 8 other leg exercises.
Saturday:Deadlift and 8 other back exercises.
With reps of 10-25
and sets of 3-5

Would that be effective for strength gains and a little muscle.

you’ve got too many exercises per muscle group. Hit them few and heavy.

For strength you want to work more in the 4-8 rep range (1-4 reps for deadlift usually). To keep the volume up you’ll want to do more sets than 3 for lower rep sets. Strive for 3-6 exercises total per workout and like the man said give these few exercises hell.

Lastly I’d be weary of having a squat and DL workout on back to back days…

Id also watch just the amount your working out more is NOT always MORE you need to heal as well. WEith whay you have listed youll either burn out VERY fast or youll be having half assed workouts.