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Workout Question

I was reading over the “The Bulk-Building Workout” and I am a little confused about the format of the workout. For example for Day 1 it lists as A1 Squats, then A2 Pullovers, then B Dynamic Lunges, and C Single Leg Squats.

Now am I supposed to superset the squats and the pullovers? Or is there any reason why it is A1 and A2? I am a little confused about that. Any advice would be appreciated.

Yes, you are supposed to superset the exercises.

I haven’t read the article, but yes, when exercises are identified as A1, A2, etc., it means that you should superset those exercises.

Bijan1832, yes, you have to superset the 20 reps breathing squat and the db straight arm pullover. This is an effective combination to develope the legs and expand the rib cage. Many strongmen of the past such as J.C.Hise, D. Hepburn, P.Anderson used this combination.