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Workout question

Whats up guys,

I threw together this workout, trying to base it mostly around compound lifts. Do i really need the stiff leg d-lifts, since i am doing conventional d-lifts on monday and then squats on fri. Let me know if anything looks wrong.

External Rotators

Scott Curls
Stiff Leg Deadlifts


The gym at my school is always packed, and my older workouts took a long time. With this new workout i can be done in around an hour. Alot of it can be done on the squat cage, which for some reason people seem to avoid.


I’m surprised your lower back can handle getting hit 3xs a week. I also wonder why you’re working chest, shoulders and tris on Mon and Weds instead of spreading them to Mon. and Friday for more recovery time.

Have you considered doing 2x a week instead of 3xs a week (Mon. and Thrs.) and splitting the Weds. lifts? Giving you-
Monday- deadlift, dips, pull ups, abs
Thrs. - squat, s.l. deadlift, bench, curls, abs

That’s a lot more recovery time each week. Hope that help.

I agree with eag. Lose the SLDL, dropping to 2 days a week would probably help you out a lot. Stuart McRobert is a big proponent of two workouts a week, and I’ve had a lot of success with it, make sure to work squats and DL to the hilt and you’ll gain a lot.

Thanks for the advice guys. Working out two days a week sounds interesting. I am an ectomorph, and was reading that i just can’t train as often as guys who put on muscle easier. Time to change my program and give it a try.