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Workout Question


Cody asks:

When doing this star complex from 6 weeks to superhero, do I do each workout with one set per exercise, or finish all the sets in the workout, then move on to the next workout until finished?

For instance, on the deadlift star complex Do I do, top-half deadlift one set, then to the dead lift from the floor one set, then so on, and repeat till the recommended sets are done, OR do I do the recommended sets of the workout, then move on to the next full sets per workout?

Thank you so much! This website is awesome and I recommend it to about everyone who is interested in bodybuilding and powerlifting. I am just a regular guy, getting real results from your articles and supplement/food advice! Plazma and mag 10 = Awesome


Its a complex… one set of each then do the second round etc