Workout Progress

Hey guys/gals I have been a lurker for a while even before I signed up I just sorta read some of the articles here on the site. I recently have been cleared by my doctor to lift weights again. It has been a LONG 2.5 years since I blew my arm out playing baseball but I am back into it. I recently read the article on the creatine, protien, amino’s and Surge. I have been working out light since January and over the last 4 weeks have been lifting heavy. I am following the layout in the article for taking creatine, protien, amino’s and Surge and was hoping I could keep everyone updated and get some tips along the way. Hopefully with everyones help I can get bigger.

I would post stats but I want to make sure this is the proper thread to post this in.

This is a great site I really enjoy the tips and articles.