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Workout Programs for Pregnant Women?


I've been "designing" workout programs for a co worker of mine for the past few months as she thought I might know something about working out due to my protein powder tubs under my desk (and sadly not because I thought I look like I lift. Damn lab coats!). Long story short, she told me she's now pregnant and asked me if I should change anything to her routine. I have zero clue on this topic so I just told her to stop lifting for a while and just enjoy some relaxing walks a few times a week.

Any thoughts? I'll probably still hesitate to recommend heavy lifting as I don't wanna be responsible for any accidents but I thought it might be interesting to hear what you guys'/gals' experience are on this matter.


My wife trained during her second pregnancy up until around 32 weeks.

She didn't do anything she wasn't already doing before. She stuck with basic lifts using weight should could control, for high reps.

She read up on the subject quite a bit, and the most solid piece of advice she found was not to introduce anything new and to keep her heart rate below a certain level (heart rate zone, under 70%, or something to that effect).

She also walked, a lot. For her first pregnancy, literally up until the week she delivered the two of us were walking a mile or two every evening with our dogs and on weekends.


Solid advice. ^^^