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Workout Program

Just looking for constructive critcism on my workout plan.

Goals are currently 10% bf, a 400 pound Deadlift, 235-250 pound bench press, and a 385 pound squat by my birthday (sept 19). Currently 14-15% bf. Eating 3100 cals a day, following percision nutrition.

I know I am going to get flamed by the 10% thing. That is just a new goal of mine.

Here it is.

Monday am- Upper body max effort- work to 3-5 rep max

Horizontal row 4x6

Tricep exericise-3x10
upper back-3x8

Scapular circut 2x12

PM- 100 reps push downs
Rotator cuff exercise 2x12
100 reps rear fly

Tuesday am-45min to 1 hour
home martial arts/boxing practice on 120 pound heavy bag
30 min general technique
3x30 sec punch outs
remaining time- shin conditioning- 100 roundhouse kicks each leg
100 knee’s each leg.
Knuckle and forearm conditioning.

Wednesday AM Max effort lower body- 3-5 rep max

hamstring (I like good mornings and pinpulls)-4x6

Unilateral leg exercise-3x8
Ab exercise (hip flexor) 3 to failure

Pm hamstring exercise- Plate pulls for recovery
terminal knee ext. 2x12

Thursday PM 2-2.5 hours martial arts at dojo

Friday- Rep upper body

-compound set 60 sec rest-
Shoulder exercise or heavy triceps 4x6
pull up variation/ cheat curl/ heavy strict curl 4x6

Upper back 3x8
Rotator cuff- 3x8

Rear delt 2x12
tricep or bicep 2x12

PM 100 reps pushdowns
100 reps face pulls

Saturday AM 2-2.5 hours martial arts at dojo

Sunday AM off or another martial arts session

Sunday PM swimming all out as many laps till tired.

I take plenty or contrast showers, magnesium baths, Power Drive after each weight session, 8 hours of sleep min, and eat a very Percision nutrition compliant diet. I also incude a 1/2 serving of Surge during and after weight and dojo sessions (down from full servings), and have gatorade (powdered) during home martial arts practice.

I deload every fifth week by taking max effort work off and switching to a 60 pound punching bag. On all rep work I use Chad Waterbury principles trying to fail on the last rep of the last set. Not as stringent, i just go hard.

When University begins again I will move weight sessions to sunday, tusday, friday and do boxing on monday and wednesday and karate on thursday and saturday.

No ideas or criticism. Not even a flame for the 10% goal.