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workout program

I’ve been working out on and off for a number of years with minimum results. I know that staying consistant is key. Can anyone recommend a total body workout? The more info the better. Thanks.

If you want total body and lots of info, check out the articles on HST in issues 216 and 217 or you could look into Covergent Phase Training (just do a search at the main issue).

Another option would be EDT. But it sounds to me like you’re worrying about your training and not paying any attention to your diet. True?

If size is your goal, HST would be a good choice, along with an intelligent diet. If strength is your goal, let me recommend a routine I really like. Two full body workouts and one perhipheral workout per week. First full body workout (4 sets, doing one set of each exercise before moving to the next set of the first exercise; low reps): Dips, chin-ups, clean and jerks, deadlifts. Rest 2 days. Second full body workout: Bench, squats, T-bar rows, shrugs. The next day, I’d get in all the triceps, biceps, forearm, calf, and ab work. I’ve tried many variations of this routine. It’s easy to change things around, but balance is key.