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Workout Program



thanks for reading this post. I would like to start a workout routine as I havent been active for a couple of years. I am still at beginner level.

I have found out a nice list of exercises at jack rack web page:


I am not buying their product as I dont find it necessery.

I´m thinking of starting with 3 day-a-week program:

Week 1
Upper body
Lower body
Upper body

Week 2
Lower body
Upper body
Lower body

etc. with off days in between. And 2-4 cardio days.

The difficulty I´m having is choosing the exercises, reps and sets.

How many upper body/lower body routines should I have?
And what happens if I have only ONE upper body and ONE lower body routine to make it simple?
Or maybe I should have two of each.

Don´t know.

Any ideas?

PS: I plan to workout at home. I have doumbells, a Z-bar and TRX.


The best thing to do to solve all of your problems, is to get on a proven program designed by an experienced strenth coach instead of trying to write one yourself.

My suggestions:
Texas Method
or search on this site for the "Do this routine instead of that dumb one" thread


what is a TRX??


What if OPs goal is not strength?



That's why I put the "Do this routine" thread in there. There's a bunch of examples of bodybuilding routines in there.


Missed that, my bad.

OP, you need to join a gym so you can have access to more equipment (ideally). Then follow Chris' advice.


Thanks guys. I am doing Velocity Exercise program and the diet to start.


omg is OP a gurl??


That's impossible. Girls don't do the Internets.