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Workout Program

Hi every one I am new in this site. I am making a program to get stronger but mostly to improve my vertical and my explosiveness. Here are my stats I am 5"6 150 pounds I use to have a 36 inch vertical and use to squats 330 as my max.

That was like 5 years ago plus i was 140 pounds so i gain some weight. My vertical is like a 28 now and my max squat is 250 now and i am 25 years old. I want to be able to get back like I use to be or better. this is the program i am doing… weekly x2

3 x 10 jumping side to side with a power jumper( a elastic band to give u ressitance when u jump)
3x 10 jumping 180 degrees with the band
3x10 jumping up and down with band
go to the gym and do squats 3x 10
1 legged lunges with dumbles while the other leg is on the bench 3x10
hit the squat machine and do 3 x10
need help cuz i dont think this is a good program

I have jumpsoles with those little balls to improve your balance a power jumper and a machine for your calves called skyking the website is http://www.verticalpowercompany.com/

How low do you squat?

no upper body work? u are gonna seriously disproportinal, i can tell u my vert went up a few inches just from squatting no jumping (jumping fucks my knees) so id consider less jumping, more weights and maybe dedicate 1-2 days a week to plyos and jumping ect…

i dont really go that low, but i think i should lose like 10 pound and more weights?