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Workout Program?

I’ve been given a workout program to follow and it’s not very well thought out, IMHO. It has me eating meals with consistent macro values while cutting out carbs.

I’ve been led to believe that one doesn’t need to cut carbs entirely unless you’re carb sensitive, and there is a way to scale your macro intakes per meal for best effects: consistent protein, decreasing carbs and increasing fat throughout the day.

Another thing I have issues with is the load progression in each workout and weekly - it’s linear. I know, I know, I’m just a noob or whatever (4 months lifting now) but isn’t random loading during both the workout and during your weekly progressions a better bet to prevent muscle adaptation? It’s that story of Milo again and I’ve read some of Pavel’s Power to the People and have to say it makes more sense to NOT progress linearly in either volume or load.

What do you all think? Hit or miss? Let me know if you want more info.

You’d need to post an example of ur nutrition plan, and tell us ur exact training goals, then we might be able to help u out.
I have no aversion to the linear load progression, especially as u say u are a novice lifter.
If done correctly, that linear progression should guarantee u hit muscular failure atleast once per exercise. If the next workout u hit failure again but it’s at one rep more, or at a 5% heavier load, there is evidence of your progress right there for u to see.
At a minimum u need one variable to change to force muscle adaptation, and a linear progression plan offers exactly that, and I personally think it fits the bill for the overwhelming majority of novice lifters.

I know u’ve probably jumped on sites like T-Nation and got all these great advanced techniques in your head, but remember, crawl before u walk. U’ve got a lifetime of training ahead of u, so condition the body correctly now, and set up a foundation for life.

Second-guessing your coach’s plan is an act of futility. If you have a concern with it, it’s probably best you take it up with her.

Usually, yes, you want to time your carb-ups around your workout, and then breakfast. And yes, athletes generally only cut carbs when they’re leaning out. However, the best person to ask as to why these choices were made is your coach, not random people on the internet.

Also, linear progression gets slammed by coach Staley and Tsatsouline, but only in the general sense. Linear progression makes sense keeping exercise selection and rep-range static, because it means you’re lifting more weight on progressive workouts. Yes, there are flaws with the design, but it’s a model that’s trained numerous world record holders. So don’t throw it in the rubbish heap just yet.

All in all, it sounds like you need to have a talk with your coach. Good luck.