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Workout Program Selection Strategy


First of all i'm new to the forum, although have been reading the threads for quite some time, I'd like to say hello and thank-you for all the information that has been covered on this forum so far.

I'm 22, 5'6' 155 lb

I am about to be taking another stack, consisting of a superdrol, epistane, and a tren(tribol-60 (new formula)). When off cycle I work a 4 day split consisting of-

Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Back & Abs
Day 3: Shoulders & Legs
Day 4: Bi, Tri, and Abs
Day off- mild trail-biking cardio

I have found this is the best way for me to put mass on compared to the numerous other splits I have tried in the past.

The question is should I maybe switch to the work out below because ill be on the stack:

Day 1: Back and Tri
Day 2: Chest and Bi
Day 3: Legs and Shoulders
Day off- trail riding

This one make sense due to the fact that I will have much greater recovery time and can hit triceps one day while following it by chest the next day, where it would only be a secondary muscle on chest day. The same with shoulders following on the third day, where I will again unintentionally work out triceps slightly as a secondary muscle with workouts like military presses.

Appreciate any opinions thanks!


I would space out my triceps better. Maybe only twice a week, after the chest and shoulder workout. What do your leg & back workouts look like?


I think the only other way I could realistically condense the 4 day into a 3 day split and space out tri's more would look something like a push pull routine.

Ex)Day 1: chest & tri
Day 2: back & bi
Day 3: legs & shoulder
Day 4: off day w/ abs

Although, I used this split (all natural) for about 9 months and found my chest and back were getting alot more build than my arms. Because for exaple when I do bench for example I wear out my triceps (no matter how wide my grip). Then when it comes time to hit the triceps after all the heavy chest exercises I did, I cant realistically say that Im putting up as much weight on the tri exercises as I would of without the prior chest portion of the exercise that day. Therefore I rob my arms from staying proportional to my chest and back, by not applying equal effort across the board.

Thats why I was curious about the original chest/bi & back/tri split, because after working out chest your bi's would be fresh and ready to rock, just as your tri's would be after a back workout.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out the most efficient way I can make use of my money spent on the cycle ha. I honestly prefer my ordinary one muscle group a day split when off cycle, but I am hoping I can take advantage of the "faster recovery" nature of the stack and get in more workouts for each muscle during the cycle, while avoiding OVERtraing.

Any advice or opinions you have would be great?


hmmm not to derail but if you aren't competent enough to set up a workout routine, do you really think you should be stacking pro-hormones?


If you think you can do shoulders on same day as legs, your legs will never be big.


Competence... nice. Looking for advice is now dumb?? How did you learn about differences between workout routines when on and off hormones? I'm not naturally born with this knowledge like you. I'm seeking knowledge from people who have gained it from experience. What do you think this forum is for, half ass supp reviews and pretty pictures?


Should of mentioned that I broke my femurs dirtbiking a few years back. I'm still not putting up the big weight on legs.