Workout Program Creation / Training

Hello T-Mag’ers,

I am coming back from recent ACL surgery and am determined to strengthed my body overall and drastically improve my flexibility and ROM so that these injuries do not happen again.

Ideally, I would like to hire a personal trainer to work with me on this, but I’ve found that good/knowledgeable trainers in the NYC-area are expensive and also hard to find.

In the mean time, as a more “affordable” approach, I’m trying to write a program for myself. While the T-Nation website is incredibly useful with information and interesting articles, I’m finding that as I try to write this program, I feel at bit of “analysis paralysis” in that there is so much information for me to consider on this site that I often get stuck on trying to write the actual program.

I thought I would reach out to the T-Nation community to see if they can (i) recommend a personal trainer in the NYC area who is very knowledgeable and great with former athletes, and has reasonable rates and/or (ii) receive a recommendation of someone who can assess my strengths/weakness/goals and help me write a program.

Please feel free to PM with any recommendations.


what level did tear did you have? how long go was it? how tall are you? how much do you weigh? what is your favorite color? what type of rehab program did your doctor prescribe you? how far out from surgery are you?