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Workout Program Before Entering Military?

Hello, i am new here and looking for some help!
I am looking for a program which makes me both bigger and stronger. I am currently 17 years old, and my goal is to be as fit as possible for the Norwegian military in 2 years time. What do you think of this program that i found? Any changes you would have done, to maximize results?

Link to program: https://www.t-nation.com/training/blending-size-and-strength-20

Thank you in advance!

The reality is a program like that probably will not cover the needed preparation for the physical demands needed for actual military training.

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I think the program looks fine, considering there are still a couple of years left before joining the army. However you do want to switch it up a while before to focus more on conditioning and pull-ups, push-ups etc.

The only crucial thing though is not getting any injuries. Follow good routines like this to avoid developing imbalances and dont do anything stupid in the gym. Listen to your own body.

Run a lot. Walk with a backpack a lot.