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Workout Post-Herniated Disc?

Hi, hope u all doing well!
I had a herniated disc (L4-L5) about 10 months ago which has still not healed! Also, 3 months ago, sciatica occured in the left leg!
Is there anyone who had a herniated disc/ ruptured disc and has healed completely and is lifting weights again?

Yes. L4-L5 and L5-S1, herniations, crippling pain for 4 years and sciatica with completely numb feet after 10 minutes of standing. It’s not completely healed - May never, but I am almost completely pain free. I’ve been sick with bronchitis for 2-3 weeks and the coughing has made my lower back hurt to the point that I had to ditch squats during warmups today, and the disappointment and frustration is still there, but I have made several notes in my training log about how my pain is largely gone. I can’t pinpoint a day when it happened, it was more that one day I realized I’d gone a few days without having to sit down every few minutes, or find a hiding place at my job to sit down and stretch out my back because the pain was so excruciating I was sweating and shaking. I have more work to do, but the biggest thing you’ll have to overcome is stretching to cause pain relief. Stretching is important and requires time every day, but stretching things that are injured, ESPECIALLY the spine, is terrible. Spinal stability over spinal flexibility. The second thing is that your sciatica, while possibly from a compressed nerve, is more likely from a tight piriformis. Look up piriformis stretches (for when you’re warmed up and not just tight and in pain). The piriformis can compress the sciatic nerve like the carpal tunnel does to the nerves in the hand.

Sorry if I’m rambling, but long story short: nothing will fuck you more than sitting around because moving hurts. You can fix this.

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Yes, i totally agree that stretching and spine stability are the most important ones.
Infact, streching has has helped me to the extent that i have almost no tingling sensation! (It occurs only when i bend forword)
I’ll start working on my core and increasing the flexibility!
Anyway, thank you so much, reading ur post really inspired me​:grinning::smile:

Yes, fully healed, however no more squats, bent over bb row or DL in training… everything else works fine

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