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Workout Playlist


This is just for fun,everyone whats your work out playlist?So i can make mine perfect :stuck_out_tongue:


Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.) - Fuck the Middle East and Speak English or Die

That answer, if you couldn't tell, is sarcasm (all though I do greatly enjoy that band). There are several music threads active and updated daily on this forum. In the "get a life" there are: "New Music", "Hardcore Music", and "Death Metal V2" which are all likely within the first three pages. The Powerlifting subform also hasa good one if "Most Brutal Music for Powerlifting"


Grammar Nazi.
Anyway thanks for the tip,i am kind of a noob here,but i had a strong reason to create this.If i do not have a proper play list i can not work out.Reason?this is the kind of songs they play at my gym.


What music are you into? I can point you in some sort of a direction if I recognize a band or two that you like.


Dancing Queen

Played on REPEAT for an hour.


Anything except that crap they play there




Rancid - ...And Out Come the Wolves
Cro Mags - The Age of Quarrel

Both of those albums changed my life


Heard a couple of songs from "The Age of Quarrel".
Im downloading both of these 2 right now.Thanks bro



Man, I liked you Jase because you were solid into old punk. But Rancid is nothing more than a bunch of posers who get pissed off if you tell them punk is dead (which it is) or that they're Clash rip-offs (which they are... and badly).


AlbanianMuscle, this topic has been covered several times. Check out these links:







Thanks man :smiley:


I like them because they were my gateway to all the music I listen to now. To each their own though


Gateway is cool. My gateway to punk was... Elvis Costello's "My Aim Is True" album! From there, it was the Clash and Sex Pistols. And from there, American hardcore became my soundtrack for a decade!
So it's all good, mate!


AFI, atreyu, Linkin park( mostly meteora), AC/DC, Deadmau5, a lot of hiphop some of the more beast mode songs by kid cudi, b.o.b., lupe fiasco, eminem, waka flocka, hollywood undead(better than people give them credit for) flipsyde, ratatat