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Workout Planning

Can someone explain to me in detail. How do I make a workout plan? I hear all the time that you dont want to work certain muscles on the same day as other muscles…I dont know why this would be. But maybe someone can explain how Im supposed to plan a workout routine? what are the do’s and dont’s?

How often should I change my routing to avoid plateaus?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Oh, and my goal is to lose about 20lbs, and gain about an inch in the chest and triceps in about 4 months. (I have good biceps, just sucky tri’s).

Go to the search function and type workout planning. Press enter. There is a veritable plethora of workout plans for you.

Next try eating plans.

Next try chest.

Next try triceps.

Easy as 1-2-3-4.

Creating a training plan is science and an art. Unless you want to make stupid newbie mistakes, use one that already exist.
The most important guideline for a beginners’ workout is KISS: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. screw that it’s KISSMF

Try Starting Strength or Stronglift.

The answers you are looking for are contained in the top four threads in the ‘beginner’ forum. These threads are called ‘stickies’. Click on the ‘beginner’ banner near the top of the screen, and then read the first few posts, and the linked articles in those posts.

Youre all right. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys.