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Workout Plan

Hello T-Nation, I am posting this to see if my workout partner and myself are on the right track as far as our workout plan. A little history to start with: we started jan 1, 2005 with a total body circuit workout plan. We also start everyday with 15 minutes on the treadmill 3mph and 4.0 grade and end the workout with a 10 minute ab workout. Our primary goal is to lose weight and or change fat into muscles. We are both living the low carb lifesyle and have been before working out started. After the first 6 weeks we continued to do the treadmill but now I am running 1.75 miles in 15 minutes and burning 200 calories a day. Ab workout is still the same but we have changed from a total body circuit to upper body 3 days a week and lower body 2 day a week. We use a combination of machines and free weight…T-Nation is the workout plan effective enough to accomplish our goal…HELP

My routine was pretty similar to that when I first started working out and watching my diet. I honestly did not see any weight loss/toning/improvement until I dropped the cardio and started serious weight training three days a week, free weights only. A lot of women I work with give me crap that I don’t currently do any cardio, but I dropped 10 pounds in 4 weeks after I started lifting. Now I find cardio to be incredibly boring and I have to mix it up with interval training to get myself to do it.