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Workout plan

19 years old, just not starting to actually get into a regular routine. I’m ok with what I am doing now, but I really feel like it could be a lot better in terms of grouping, and possibly different exercises. Critique away, hoping to learn all I can.

Monday - Bench, Closegrip bench, curls, DB shoulder press, Abs

Tuesday - Squats, Leg press, Rows, Pullups, lying hamstring curls

Wed -skip
Thurs -skip

Friday - repeat monday
Saturday - Change squats with deatlifts, repeat tuesday

See Ian King’s “Bulk building workout” in “Previous Issues” No 227. It is a 4 days split containing what you need: Squat, dead, bench, row, chins, dips, shoulderpresses and a few other effective exercises.
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my input is, read Program Design 101 I know your after hypertrophy in your arms, so I’d say knowing something about rest periods & time under tension would be pretty damn important.
as a 19yo, I’d also say watch your diet :wink:

I say try AHBB or CW’s Singles routine in this weeks issue. It will give you hypertrophy and strength!

I really enjoyed ABBH. Just modify it to fit your needs.