Workout Plan

Hello all I was if everyone could help me out with a workout plan. I’m a bit confused on what I should.

Due to school and other things I have not been able to train with weights or train ju-jitsu for 2 weeks. I weigh around 190 (I want to get to 180 or 185) and follow t-dawg 2.0 (with lower carbs). I’m not sure what my bf% but I do know that I want to get to 10% or lower.

I want to start the cheater’s diet and see where it leads. My question is do you guys think I should follow 5x5 system, which I’ve done, or maybe doing fat to fire.

do you fight competively?

No, I would like to in the future but I need to get much better all around before I even think of taking a fight.

Do you train?

yes I train. not to punch other guys in the head, but hey it happens :wink:
i’m following the concepts from CT’s “functional vs structural training” and focusing on the functional. i can see it being a good base for any competive sport where power and strength are required. Personally i dont think the weight training should be drastically affected by whether you are cutting or bulking, maybe volume can be reduced, but never load or intensity. if you are lifting less then something is wrong.

I think I will have to reread that article. Right now I feel I’m in a bind in what I should be doing. Maybe I will start sprints in the morning and follow that with 5x5 lifting. Best of luck with your training.