Workout Plan

hey guys, 16 years old posting again. I’ve been a boxer for almost 2 years and in a recent fight after all this time training and stuff, I dislocated my shoulder, got an MRI and was diagnosed with something called hill-sachs deformation and a mild fracture. 7 weeks of PT minimum, and possible surgery. I would be returning to boxing after that, but the gym I made my home is closing, and I can’t see my self doing boxing anywhere else.
So I was pretty depressed for awhile, just moping around and I’m realizing I got to move on. I to become an overall strong, fast, and great conditioned athlete. Not looking to really pack on the pounds but more just be a functional athlete that is lean. At 189 pounds ATM. I will also be doing alot of off road MTB on weekends. My plan will be this. I can’t really squat because the position it puts my shoulders in is very awkward and causes much pain.

Day 1 - Bench Press , shrugs, pullups, iso work , starting with 4 mi runs, will be increasing
Day 2- Heavy deadlifts, lots sprint work with lower body plyos such as high jumps and depth jumps
Day 3 - Rest
Day 4 - day 1, while increasing my running mileage
Day 5 - dead lifts with some tire training and sledge hammer training and some forearm work.
Day 6 - Most of the summer and probably most of the winter I’m going to be hitting the trails on my MTB with my little brother, pretty intense workout on its own.
Day 7- Rest, Rinse repeat.

Is this plan good? too much, too little? any advice?
I am not too crazy on my diet, I do not eat any fast food, any junk food or soda what so ever, and I eat as clean as I can, being 16 and fairly poor I do what I can with what I got.

Any input would be great thanks

Have you seen the Physical Therapist yet?

Seeing him tommorrow… this plan is not set in stone, I will tell him what my plan is and I guess I’ll find out if Ill be able to even do this stuff.