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Workout Plan: What You Guys Think?


Hey guys I'm new to this forum, although I've been reading here for a while and it seems like you guys know what you're talking about.

Anyway, I just wanted to see what you guys think about this plan. My football coach has us on this 4 day plan, we do 3 sets of 6-8 with as much weight were able to.

It consists of an A day and a B day and we alternate everyday. A is inclined bench, abs, triceps, leg thrusts ( not sure if this is right name for it but we use a box and we keep one foot on and thrust the other up as if you were running ) power cleans, and power jammers and on B days we do squats, biceps, standing military press, leg extensions, leg curls, and lunges.

As far as supplements, I am taking optimum 100% whey protein (strawberry ew) in morning and post workout, NO-xplode pre-workout, animal pak multis in the morning, and higher power 100% micronized monohydrate creatine. How's this sound to you guys? Thanks




Can the crappy optimum protein and buy some Metabolic Drive protein. Where are the Pull-ups?


Sounds like a fucked up training plan to me. For example, Power Cleans should come first before other exercises.

And what is up with leg curls? Try do straight leg deadlifts instead.

Chins are a good exercise for overall upperbody strength and shoulder stability.


Welcome, I won't comment on your crappy protein choice, what you stick in your body is your business.

As far as workout choices goes:

You want power cleans to be first up, just like any similiar heavy compound, these are your real money exercises, get these right and you'll do good.

Secondly, you have on 'Day A' plenty of tricep work 'as heavy as possible', then on 'Day B' you do overhead presses 'as heavy as possible'. Try not to train to whats really failure the same muscle two days in a row.

If you're doing a 4 day plan [I assume Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday] try split it into Push / Pull - Push / Pull. So you hit quads, chest, triceps etc on Monday / Thursday [A] and on Tuesday / Friday [B] you hit your hamstrings, back, biceps etc.


On a side note, IF your shoulders take quite a beating in practice or overhead pressing hurts, do not do them! Some very well-informed individuals (Buddy Morris, Joe Defranco) believe they are not worth doing.

You sound kind of young, if so you MAY need more mass and maximal strength instead of doing Oly-lifts(which develop RFD and make you more explosive). If you need more mass and strenght, try Joe Defranco's Westside for skinny bastards program, which is very sound.



Power cleans will put on mass, as long as you use higher volume.

Traps need explosive movements and heavy weights to grow.