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Workout Plan (New to Working Out and the Whole Concept of it)

Yeah I’m going to design it myself, of course with the aid of research about what I want to implement. I’m determined and am willing to shovel food in if I have to, as long as it’s the IF way. I hope you’ll take a look at my plan along with the other guys in this thread and help me out by improving it and give me more great advise. Thanks mate. :wink:

What if I fast, and at the same time, get all my calories within the windows where I eat, which would be from sunset until sunrise? What do you think of that?

Presumably you’re sleeping 8 hours so it really is just a 4 hour window.

When I was younger and trying to add weight, I’d eat a large takeaway container packed with meat and carbs every 2 to 3 hours over 16 hours.

Facing each new container of food, still feeling stuffed, was awful. I can’t even begin to imagine doing it in a quarter of the time lol

Good luck to you if you can do it but I think you’re underestimating just how terrible a time you’re going to have with this.

In theory it could be done, but in practice it rarely works out that way.

If you fast for religious reasons then that’s just your situation and you have to make the best of it.

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I used to think @professorX was just a crabby old dentist when he’d scream in all caps at teenagers that they need to eat.

Now I’m starting to understand.

How do we summon him back? Do I need to make a blood sigil in the shape of a cheeseburger and say an incantation?

Is there a cheeseburger signal we can shine into the night sky?

@payam786 if you want to add muscle tissue to your body you MUST eat in a caloric surplus consistently over time. At the same time you must lift progressively heavier weights for more reps on a decent program to force the adaptation.

There is no way around these two rules.

Ramadan is only 1 month. Eat as best you can. Before you reply that “but this YouTube celebrity fasts and looks great” realize he likely didn’t BUILD his muscle that way. And even if he did, the rest of the training population (millions of people) built muscle eating, ALOT.

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BUT BUT… how are they suppose to maintain their shredded ABZ!?


I get your point. Again, just to clear things up, this is not a ramadhan plan or a plan which a focus is onto religion. It is a reflection of how I want to play my general day out, and I’m trying to get people’s opinions of how realistic it is. So far, the comments have been great, but I still haven’t showed you guys the exact plan I feel I would spend my day with, which I will show in a day or two as I have said in the edit. Just be sure to have a look at it when I post it, and then we can discuss further from there. Your advise is very good though. Realistically that’s the way, but I need a different way to carry out my day, and I hope we can come to a conclusion once I post my plan. Thanks bro.

I want to build my dream house. I know architects are good at designing plans and all, but I’m really set on designing it myself. I’ve seen what plans look like and I think I’ve got that part down.

I also want to build it without any power tools. I don’t have anything against them, I just prefer hand tools. It’s the way I want to build my house. I’ve never built a house before, but I don’t see why my plan wouldn’t work.


So eat.

Yeah, we get it, you want it to be easier than it is. It’s not. If you want it, you’ll work for it. Think which is more important to you out of either having a good physique or being able to eat to a schedule that suits you, and act accordingly.

Really, very, exceedingly, ludicrously unrealistic.

Like I said before: if you’re skinny and trying to gain weight then you must be eating for all of the hours you are awake.


I also don’t see why it wouldn’t work. :joy: But honestly, wouldn’t it end up feeling much sweeter knowing that you did it all by yourself, with your approach, which I know will end up being the best approach for me in my case?

Alright. Can you explain this to me? How much should I eat, and how much should I add on, and do I do this process simultaneously while working out progressively? If you break it down to me like I’m a 5 year old, that would be very helpful. Thanks Yogi1

Not if the house never gets built.

How do you know IF and designing your own program will be best to add muscle in your case? Are you an expert on things you’ve never done?

Of course. He’s 18.


what do you weigh just now? And how tall are you?

Um… your coming off as like your offended. You yourself said by your thread tittle New to Working Out and the Whole Concept of it. Im not sure if reading into your comment correctly…

Ah man I knew it would sound offensive. I meant it in a good way. I just want to know every detail of how it works so I can plan everything out properly, should I do it this way.

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hahah yeah man don’t you know I’ve got a PHD from Cambridge?

biggest mistake you’ll make. you will almost certainly fail with this mindset.

is this what you tell teachers when you’re learning in school? You disagree with things because you simply don’t understand them? Bad idea.

it’s already not by yourself, because you’re on the internet learning from us, and you’re using equipment that other people made, and you’re at least (hopefully) basing your plan on proven concepts figured out by countless hours of countless men and women. You’re not doing a thing by yourself, you’re trying to take credit for others work by putting your own meaningless spin on all of this at the very end.

wrong outlook again. You’re seriously going to ask a zillion questions, read programs, learn as much as you can, only to reinvent the wheel at the end of it? Dude. That’s insane. Just bite the bullet and pick a program that gets recommended to you. Almost anything will be better than whatever you’re able to come up with. You won’t have a full picture of all the concepts that go into good programming, and you’ll make mistakes. Don’t think you’re smarter than the room. Be humble.

And finally… if you are a person who doesn’t like to eat a lot, IF will not work for you. I promise. I am a person who doesn’t like to eat, and when I practice IF, which is really well aligned with my natural eating habits, I don’t gain weight. Period. I tend to lose it. I’m going to mostly assume that since we have similar natural diet tendencies, that what I do should work for you. And that is to eat as often as possible. Basically the opposite of what you want to do. It’ll help you increase your total calories through the day without making any individual meal feel too huge. I eat a lot of peanuts, peanut butter, bread is good, whole milk, anything calorie-dense. Snacking, to me, is the best way for skinny guys to start getting bigger.


OP this sounds great but doesn’t actually work too well, I tried to do this when I started, very few gains were made and you pretty much end up here:

With a bunch of half programs, no real way to measure progress and confused where to go from there